Flowers in San Francisco Bay Area
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Beautiful Filoli Gardens located at 86 Cañada Road, Woodside, CA 94062, is about 25 miles south of San
Francisco, at the southern end of beautiful Crystal Springs Reservoir. Filoli Mansion is set in 16 acres of formal
gardens surrounded by a 654-acre estate, located in Woodside, California.

We toured Filoli Gardens on April 28, 2017 to enjoy dazzling floral display in the gardens.
春天紫藤花滿枝,花香四溢, 微風過處,送來縷縷清香、若有若無、沁人心脾。

Lovely Wisteria purple flower clusters hanging off the wall of garden gate of Filoli with its signature fragrance
permeating the air. They are beautiful and heavenly smelling. They come in large clusters, and there are lots of
A peacock with magnificent display of spectacular feathers is greeting visitors near the entrance to the
浪漫風情的樹林隧道, 景象十分迷人,真有說不盡的舒暢快意。

The charming tree tunnel from the parking lot to Filoli Mansion. It's a great spot for a romantic walk. This is
an amazing place to visit if you like flowers.

Wow! Fabulous place. Forget the shops, look at nature instead. One of many gorgeous Camellia in Filoli
Gardens. It’s a real eye-catcher.
Sheer beauty of the gardens and displays. More gorgeous camellia.

Red azalea in full bloom.
California poppy.
Front entrance to Filoli House. The 16 acres of formal gardens are surrounded by a 654-acre estate and
magical forest filled with trees whose twisted, moss-covered branches seem to come out of a fairytale book.
The rare and colorful flowers, along with birds chirping and the cool breeze make walking here a surreal
Charming open view of beautiful Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir and Santa Cruz Mountains viewed from
Highway 92 and Cañada Road just north of Filoli Gardens. The clean water in this reservoir comes from
Yosemite National Park through 160 miles of Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct.

Pulgas Water Temple is between Filoli Gardens and Crystal Springs Reservoir. The beautiful Pulgas Water
Temple was erected by the San Francisco Water Department to commemorate the 1934 completion of the
Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct and is located at the aqueduct's terminus. Many photos of the beautiful Roman style
Pulgas Water Temple and pool can be seen on the following Yelp website:


San Francisco and surrounding communities get water from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir which is inside
Yosemite National Park and approximately 160 miles away via the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct. Water once
made the journey to the Pulgas Water Temple and flowed over a small C-shaped waterfall within the water
temple itself where it continued approximately 800 feet down a canal to the west into Upper Crystal Springs

The beautiful Pulgas Water Temple grounds is often rented for weddings or special events. It is closed on
weekends for private events, but free and open to the public during the weekdays from 9AM - 4PM. The
small parking lot has a time limit of 30 minutes.
仲春樹綠花艷, 綠菌菌的草地, 森林是如此的漂亮,一切是如此的和諧可愛,美景當
前, 誰不喜這片春光!。

The glorious gardens with breathtaking beauty with amazing array of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures for
visitors to explore.

The entire area is blanketed with red, purple, yellow & white petals with fresh fragrances permeating
the air.

Explosion of colors, wonderland of blossoms, there is tremendous color diversity. A riot of color and fragrance.
Scenic view of San Francisco Bay and eastern part of San Mateo Bridge as viewed from Highway 92 a few
miles from Filoli Gardens when we were going home from Filoli Gardens.
遍地花開, 漫步花道小徑的情懷。

Vision of beauty and joy. Amazing gardens. Immerse yourself in an effusion of colors.
Gorgeous location and amazing gardens. Extensive flower plantings, with incredible variety. Pretty place to
relax and take photos.
Celebration of beauty. There is no better time than right now to be happy.
The wisteria are so abundant and so delightful.
Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the tranquility. Garden benches create cozy meditative corner.
Showy flowers

A lovely place to walk and enjoy a huge range of colours.
Descending Into Beauty, vibrant colours in spring.
映入眼簾的一片綠意,彌漫著濃濃的香草味, 坐在池畔,融在水天相映的蓮花水塘中沉
思, 讓人想起莫內的蓮花池, 真正天然的藝術之美, 渾然天成的美。

The water lily pond surrounded by lush greenery
The aroma of roses was prevalent in the air.
Thousands of brilliantly colored flowers are on display in Filoli Gardens. It is a feast for the eyes.

It is magical.

Roses and camellias are endlessly fascinating.

Insanely provocative.
集愛與美於一身的玫瑰, 讓人眷戀,讓人遐想。

Gorgeous colors
Flowers Blooming With Happiness.
紅火紅般的色彩令人為之雀躍, 也吸引了拍照的人們。

Walking through the fields, flowers in every color and shape imaginable for as far as one could see
The gorgeous display garden, resplendent with every color bloom imaginable.

Beautiful pictures anywhere you look.
Filoli Gardens are amazing as a sea of color.
Walking in this botanical garden, travelers will enjoy beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers, sprawling vegetation and
delightful stillness and tranquility.

Roadside purple flowers.
穿梭在紫藤花盛開的棚架下, 披垂搖曳,幽香淡淡逗蜂癲。
輕淡幽雅的花朵, 給豔麗的玫瑰花花園增添了幾分雅意。
清新淡雅脫俗, 展露出獨特的魅力,風情萬種。

花一現" 這句中國成語,比喻轉瞬即逝的事物。曇花非常美麗,雖然其花夜間開放,但


The blooms of the “orchid cactus” come in brilliant reds, creamy whites, deep oranges, bold yellows, and
tantalizing pinks and purples. Most of them are hybrids, patiently grown and cultivated by avid epiphyllum
enthusiasts; but the true species native to Central and South America and Mexico are no less stunning.
自古以來,曇花被賦予了幾近神奇的色彩, 開出的花朵是極其絢爛的,令人目眩神迷

Beautiful Epiphyllums (曇花) blooming in early May in residential area in Antelope Hill area in Fremont in San
Francisco Bay Area. It remains open for several days.
Epiphyllums (known as orchid cactus) go largely unnoticed during much of the year, when their unassuming,
leaf-like stems are biding time and gathering energy. But when spring arrives, an unforgettable show begins! In
April and May, these tropical plants burst into their full glory, with large, jewel-toned blossoms that are
anything but wallflowers.
Upper Crystal Spring Reservoir as viewed from Highway 92.
Eastern part of San Mateo Bridge.