Spring Wildflowers in California
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春回大地,遍地花開,山波上大片大片的野黃花, 勃勃生氣。

This winter of 2017-2018 in California had not been very cold. The day time air temperature on February 8,
2018 was 75 degrees and many yellow wildflowers were blooming beautifully on the roadside hills at the corner
of Cam Del Campo and Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont in San Francisco Bay area. The top of the hills is the
Old Mission Park.
冬去春來,一大片野黃花爭相怒放, 點燃了路邊山波, 天生韻味,微風過處,送來縷
縷清香、若有若無、沁人心脾, 置身在花海中,真是一種心情的釋放。

\Nature's beauty! Huge carpet of blooming yellow wildflowers on roadside hills on February 8, 2018 in
Fremont, California.
路旁的野花無拘無束地怒放著, 洋溢蓬勃生機,天然的藝術之美, 讓我們在湛藍的天

After this first wave of wildflowers in early February, more wildflowers of other kinds and colors will be
blooming at other hills or canyons or central valley in California in the next couple months. I hope to visit them
and to photograph them in time to update this web page.
Zoom in for a close-up view of the blooming beautiful yellow flowers.
花開時節,滿山遍野, 黃色花海迷人, 被這遍野花的浪漫迷醉。