Winter Bird Watching on East Side of
San Francisco Bay Area
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Beautiful Lake Elizabeth in the Central Park in Fremont in east side of San Francisco Bay.
There are often many seagulls, Canada geese, other birds and ducks on this lake.
This man caught this large carp which probably weights more than 10 lb.
Many American Coots on the lake.
Many American Coots on the lawn around the lake.
Although it swims like a duck, the American Coot does not have webbed feet like a duck. Instead, each one of
the coot’s long toes has broad lobes of skin that help it kick through the water.
Many gulls on the lawn around the lake.
When those large number of gulls take off from the lawn into the air, it is quite impressive.
Many Canada geese in the air near the lake.
A night heron on the bush near the lake.
Many wild turkeys are roaming free in the hilly residential areas along the street of Ocaso Camino on Antelope
Hill in Fremont in east side of San Francisco Bay Area in California.
Sometime they stroll through residential neighborhoods.
Sometime the wild turkeys are in the backyard. They are thriving in urban environment in San Francisco Bay

Winter season is the raining season in San Francisco Bay Area. The golden brown hills of California become
beautifully green in the winter season.

I took a two movie clips of these wild turkeys fanning their tail feathers, flapping wings, gobbling softly, fighting  
and in other actions on such beautiful green hills in Fremont and uploaded it to the YouTube websites at:




Please take a look.
They have powerful wings and can fly up to the roof or trees.
Three close up views of the wild turkeys.
One of several black tailed deer in San Francisco Bay Area and in Pinnacle National Park in central
California. This is very different from the deer that I saw in east coast USA. Most of deer that I saw in east
coast USA are white tailed deer.
Some people are fishing on this lake.
A man sitting on the bench was feeding the birds and attracted many American Coots, Mallards and gulls.
Some other nearby American Coots are flapping their wings and running over to join the crowd to be fed by
the man.
Beautiful yellow flowers are blooming in late February along the lake side.
The California poppies are also blooming along the lake side.
More flowers are blooming along the lake side.
One of several red winged black birds.
Several white pelicans
Many American Coots are getting up from the lake and are walking to the lawn.
Some senior people were doing slow paced gentle Tai-Ji type of exercise in the wooded area of the lakeside
park (Central Park).
Some younger people were doing fast paced and energetic aerobic exercise on this platform in the lakeside
Many wild turkeys fly up to the roof, seem to be enjoying the view from the roof.
Several deer often show up at hilly residential areas on Antelope Hill in Fremont, California.
On June 29, 2017, we saw two mother wild turkeys leading many baby wild turkeys foraging for food among
the dried brown tall grass (in the summer season) on the hilly slope of Antelope Hill in Fremont, California.
On July 21, 2017, I saw the mother wild turkey with five babies again. Couple days ago, hundreds of goats
were sent here to eat the tall grass. With shorter grass and 3-weeks of growth from June 29 to July 21, the
baby turkeys become more visible.
In the spring of 2018, I often see many wild turkeys in action on Antelope Hill in Fremont, California.
I took a 5-minute movie clip of these wild turkeys in action as shown in the following YouTube website:

It is fascinating to see such colorful, handsome and impressive wild male turkeys.  They puff up their body
feathers, flare their tails into a vertical fan and droop wings into such exaggerated posture.
A beautiful white pelican on the lake.
The wattles hanging from the neck of turkey become bright red color in the spring mating season.
At sunset time.