2019 Spring Flowers in
San Francisco Bay Area
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紫荊花 花開的時候,滿樹滿枝都是花兒,佇立於綠油油的草地上,濃綠襯著紫紅,美麗至極,蔚然可觀。

A spectacular spring-blooming of many Ace of Hearts Redbud trees in Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation
Area located at 2100 Isherwood Way, Fremont, CA 94536 in the east side of San Francisco Bay Area. We
came here on April 8, 2019.
Lots of gold mustard flowers along Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, California.
亭亭玉立夢輕揚,濃郁金香,花形與顏色搭配得好, 從花葉中展現雅緻, 別具一格的美。

Beautiful tulip flowers in Fremont.
One of many Ace Of Hearts Redbud trees blooming beautifully along the street in Fremont.

More golden mustard flowers blooming along coastal Highway 1 between Half Moon Bay and Pigeon Point
Light House in California.
春回大地,遍地花開,細細碎碎、熱熱鬧鬧地綻放著, 遊客們會被這遍野的浪漫迷醉。

Spring flowers near Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

One of many Ace Of Hearts Redbud trees blooming beautifully on the street in San Francisco Bay Area.

California poppies at the entrance gate of Quarry Lake Regional Recreation Area.

There were lots of rain in California in last few months from the winter of 2018 continued into the spring of
2019. As a result, there are spectacular  "Super Blooms" of wildflowers over huge areas in several places in
southern California.

Such spectacular spring Super Blooms have been attracting huge crowds of nature and flower lovers to
those areas such as Lake Elsinore and Walker Canyon near Interstate Highway 15 and about 70 miles
southeast of Los Angeles, Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve near Lancaster, Carrizo Plain National
Monument, etc. as shown in
here,  here, here , here, here,  here, and here.

In addition to the Super Blooms of huge areas of California poppies in southern California, San Francisco
Bay Area also has its share of large area of blooming beautiful California poppies in Coyote Hills Regional
Park as shown on my web page at:


Furthermore, we also get our share of spring flowers blooming beautifully in San Francisco Bay area as
shown by some more samples on this website.

Zoom in for close up view of Ace Of Hearts Redbud.
春暖花開的日子,粉紅色的紫荊花怒放,花園內萬紫千紅, 繁花滿樹,春色滿園, 別有韻致。
紫荊花開放的驚艷,那迷樣的紫紅,如夢如幻的花花世界, 令人沉醉!
紫荊花不開則已,一開傾城, 百花盛開時-美麗的春天已經到來了。
路邊的紫藤花盛開, 在牆壁上自由蔓延,姿態優美,迷人的風采,綠葉襯托下相映成趣,具獨特風格, 別有
芳草綠,漫步紫荊花 園的爛漫情懷,誰不喜這片春光!  醉人的戀情,依依的思念,鍾愛的散心之地,讓人
一片青山, 一片野黃花。
紫荊花樹競相怒放, 絢麗多彩,那麼鮮豔, 公園內萬紫千紅、百花爭妍,千姿百態,公園的春天是一場知覺
及視覺的饗宴, 庭徑漫徘徊,綠襯蕊蕊香。
春風吹開了花朵,繁花纍纍, 多麼引人入勝!
紫荊花開滿天紅,姿態優美瀟灑,燦若雲霞, 嫵媚動人。
置身在花海中,真是一種心情的釋放,繞著花前花後,無一不觀照,唯恐遺漏美麗的角度 。
一叢叢堆滿枝頭,爭芳鬥艷,風情萬種,嫵媚動人,把整個公園裝點得風姿綽約、楚楚動人, 讓遊客身心完
靜看春花綻放, 不論您從哪一個角度取景,每個畫面都有如夢幻般的詩畫。
熱情的紅, 清新的綠。