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Gravity Hills and Mystery Spots
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1. Introduction

For the purpose of making it easier for readers to read the lengthy results of my 22 year research on Gravity
Hills and Mystery Spots, I moved some of the information out of the lengthy report into this new web page so
that each part becomes shorter and easier to read.

2. Strange Slope in Northeastern China

In addition to the 5-star gravity hill near Moncton in eastern Canada, another 5-star gravity hill is known as the
Strange Slope (
怪坡), which is near Qingshuitaizhen (清水台镇) about 35 km northeast from the downtown of
ShenYang (沈阳), the capital of Liaoning Province in northeast China. (

Click here to see interactive Google Map showing location of this Strange Slope in northeast China

More information and photos on this Strange Slope are available at the following websites:


There are four lanes on this strange slope. Two lanes are for vehicles to go up and down the strange slope. The
other two lanes are for people to ride bicycles to go up and down the strange slope. A friend of mine, Peter Lu,
who visited this strange slope said that when he was going down the strange slope on a bicycle, he had to
peddle pretty hard. But when he was going up the strange slope, he did not have to peddle at all. The bicycle
just rolled up the strange slope. Peter Lu said that this gravity hill has a very steep uphill slope that is very
obvious to all visitors. The slope on this gravity hill is much steeper than that of mild slope on a mild gravity hill on
Pleasant Valley Road near Titusville in New Jersey, USA.

3. Steep Gravity Hill in Northwestern China

There is a very brief report of a gravity hill with a steep slope of 15 degrees in a desert region in Gansu province
甘肅省甘南縣祈豐區的戈壁灘上) in northwest China. But I cannot find pictures, or video or other more
detailed information on this very special steep gravity hill. I hope that somebody else can help to get some good
pictures, videos and more detailed information on this steep gravity hill in China.

4. More Gravity Hills in China

Some Chinese websites listed in Appendix B at this web page indicate that similar strange slopes have also
been observed at several other locations in China.

5. More Potential Locations of Gravity Hills All Over The World

The hundreds of known locations of gravity hills described in Sections 1, 2, and 8 in the Web Page C above are
all on the existing paved roads where cars (with brake released) roll up the hills on their own and startled the
drivers. But very large areas of the earth surface are still wilderness, heavy forests, farm fields, desert or golf
courses where there are no paved roads. If there are strange slopes with abnormal gravity in such areas, we
probably still do not know about them because there are no paved roads for the cars to roll up the hill.

Furthermore, if the directions of the roadway and their slopes are not aligned with the direction of the  abnormal
horizontal gravity force, such abnormal horizontal gravity force is not strong enough to pull vehicles to move
sideway. Then nobody will notice the possible existence of abnormal horizontal gravity force in such locations.

Some of my friends are experienced golf players. These friends told me that sometime golf players cannot rely
on their visual perception of the slope of a golf course to predict accurately which way the golf ball will roll.
Sometime the golf balls just roll in a very strange and unexpected way. It may be possible that the gravity hill
effect may exist on some parts of some golf courses, but people do not recognize it as gravity hill effect
because there is no paved road there for vehicles in neutral gear to roll uphill.

In many developing countries, as more new highways are constructed and paved, more gravity hills are being
discovered on such paved new roads. Therefore, the total number of locations on the earth surface with such
horizontal gravity force from unknown source may be much more than those known hundreds of locations.

6. Cluster of Gravity Hills and Cluster of Mystery Spots

There are two nearby gravity hills on the same road (Gravity Hill Road) near New Paris in Pennsylvania, USA.
These two gravity hills on the same road are separated by only 0.3 miles.

There are also two nearby gravity hills on the same road (Pleasant Valley Road) between Titusville and
Hopewell in New Jersey, USA. These two gravity hills on the same road are separated by only about 2 miles.

As of August 2011, I have visited only four different locations of gravity hills and two out of the four locations
have such cluster of multiple nearby gravity hills. If I visit more locations in the future, I may find more clusters of
gravity hills. This means that gravity hill is often not alone, but may have one or more small areas with gravity hill
effect not too far from the known gravity hill. In other words, there may be often a cluster of nearby gravity hills,
but we may not know the existence of these additional nearby gravity hills because (1) there is no paved road on
those additional nearby gravity hills or (2) the direction of the road is not aligned with the direction of the gravity
force of the additional gravity hills, such that vehicles cannot roll uphill on such additional gravity hills. These
additional gravity hills that we do not know about may not be on the same road as the known gravity hill in that
area of cluster of gravity hills.

Some researchers indicated that Cosmos Mystery Area in South Dakota, USA has a cluster of three areas with
abnormal gravity. Only one of the three areas in the cluster is open to the tourists.

The existence of such cluster of multiple nearby gravity hills and multiple nearby mystery spots may have some
implications to the characteristics of dark matters. It also has important implication for the design of experiments
to investigate the dark matters in such areas. For example, in the selection of suitable multiple sites for the
proper procedure for precision measurements of the elevations of the top and the bottom of a gravity hill
because moving a theodolite off the road of a known gravity hill being measured does not guarantee that the
theodolite will not be subject to the unexpected influence of other unknown nearby gravity hills in the cluster as
described in my web page on precision scientific measurements on gravity hills at:


7. Length of Gravity Hills

The lengths of most gravity hills are about 500 feet or shorter. However, a reader of my web page on gravity
hills sent me a message indicating that there is a long gravity hill in Wadi Baiza, near Madina Munawara in Saudi
Arabia with length of about 8 Km. A vehicle in neutral transmission gear can gain speed up to 100 Km/h on such
unusually long gravity hill.

8. Strange Behavior of GPS Navigator Near Cosmos Mystery Area

Even though I did not visit the Cosmos Mystery Area in South Dakota directly, I did drive near that area and had
very strange experience during my tour of Needles Mountains and Black Hills in South Dakota in August 2008 as
described on my web page at:


In that 2008 tour, I did not know about the tourist attraction of Cosmos Mystery Area. My strange experience is
that my portable GPS navigator was totally confused and was giving very confusing and wrong directions for my
driving in a remote wooded area with unpaved dirt roads with tall mountain cliff on one side. One example of
such confusion is that when we were driving slowly on a small wooden bridge, the GPS navigator told me to
make a left turn. If I had followed that direction from GPS navigator, my rental car and we would have plunged
from the bridge down into the creek. I had to ignore all the confusing directions from the GPS navigator in that
remote wooded area and relied totally on my own intuition to drive out of that strange area.

I had been using my portable GPS navigator for several years in many different cars and at many different
places and the GPS navigator had been working very well and accurately most of the time. After I came home
and checked the map, then I realized that that confusing wooded remote dirt road area was very close to the
Cosmos Mystery Area in South Dakota. Some researchers indicated that Cosmos Mystery Area has a cluster of
three areas with abnormal gravity. Only one of the three areas in the cluster is open to the tourists. May be I
drove into one of those two areas in the cluster that are not open to public as tourist attraction. I did report that
problem to the manufacturer of my GPS navigator.

The reason for such strange behavior of GPS navigator in such mystery area is not known accurately yet. A
possible reason for my portable GPS navigator to get so confused in such Mystery Area is that the Mystery
Areas usually have strong abnormal gravity causing various gravity mysteries. One of the consequences of the
strong abnormal gravity is the gravitational time dilation.

In other words, the frequencies of radio receiver channel filters may not be accurate and the clock in my GPS
receiver may run a little bit too fast or too slow in such Mystery Area due to this gravitational time dilation effect.
The inaccuracy of the radio receiver channel filters may degrade the received GPS signals. Since accurate
timing is very important for GPS receiver to determine its distances to several visible GPS satellites to determine
the location of the GPS receiver accurately, may be this gravitational time dilation in Mystery Area causes
significant channel frequency errors and significant timing errors such that the GPS receiver cannot determine its
location accurately when it is in such Mystery Area.

It is interesting to note that the
"Map and Direction" section on the website of Cosmos Mystery Area gives the
following warning to users of GPS navigator: "For those of you that may be traveling with a GPS system, a
major GPS company has our physical address listed incorrectly in their map software." It seems that my
portable GPS navigator may not be the only one that gets so confused near Cosmos Mystery Area.

The susceptibility of GPS navigators in such mystery areas is also reported in the Observation Item Five in the
following Website (B):

Website (B): http://

If such effects of gravitational time dilation on GPS navigator can be investigated and verified, then the observed
strange behavior of GPS navigator in Mystery Spots can become one more evidence against the Illusion Theory
because Illusion Theory asserts that the gravity in these Mystery Spots and Gravity Hills is normal and all the
observed strange gravity phenomena and mysteries are due entirely to illusion in human perception.