Beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea
in California
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這裡有風景如畫的碧海藍天, 駐足眺望,一片白淨細軟的沙灘,潔淨蔚藍的海灣,海風扭
曲的 古老松柏 和 四季宜人的氣候,有如世外桃源般的地方。

Gorgeous Carmel Bay with magnificent and pristine white sand beach as viewed from the hiking trail along the
Scenic Road on the bluff above the beach and edged by wind-carved Monterey cypress trees in Carmel-by-
the-Sea.  It is a pretty awesome place with breathtaking view of the ocean and is ranked as one of the nation's
cleanest and most beautiful.

We came to tour Carmel in the morning of Saturday May 11, 2019 on Mother's Day.  (We drove south from
San Francisco Bay Area for about 2 hours to Monterey in late afternoon of May 10, 2019 and stayed in a hotel
in Monterey for the night of May 10.). This small, but wealthy and artistic coastal city is about 4 miles south of

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Carmel-by-the-Sea
Many beautiful wind sweep Monterey cypress trees along the 1.5-mile iconic beach front Scenic Road of
Carmel provide nice shade for the hiking trail along the Scenic Road on the bluff above the beach. Many
stairways connect the hiking trail along the Scenic Road on the bluffs to the beach below. The elevation of the
bluff gives the Scenic Road and the parallel hiking trail the Million-dollar view of the crescent sun-soaked beach
and the ocean below.  People can walk either on this hiking trail on the bluffs or on the beach. This hiking trail in
Carmel is part of the 1,200-mile California Coastal Trail from Oregon to Mexico.
The east side of Scenic Road is lined with multi-million dollar luxury romantic houses or beach houses each
with its own unique artistic design and beautiful garden with many colorful flowers, plus many beautiful tall
wind-sculptured Monterey Cypress trees. No two houses are alike.
沿著海邊的景觀路(Scenic Road)漫步,詩意般的蒼松古柏下,欣賞風格迥異的建築,
從奇幻的小屋,到超現代的設計,亮晶晶大大的落地玻璃窗面向海灣, 使得自然與建築融
為一體,可以欣賞綺麗的海岸風光 ,以及夕陽西下,晚霞滿天的美景。

Many houses along Scenic Road have very large glass windows for enjoyment of the majestic views
of Carmel Bay and of golden sunset.
觀海浪,賞海景,潔白細膩的海灘美若夢幻,美國最美的藝術小鎮 卡梅爾 以優美的自然

The spectacular ocean view.

The Million-dollar view of stunning coastline, the lovely white-sand crescent beach with turquoise Pacific ocean
on one side, backed by lush green wind-twisted Monterey cypress trees on the hill side. This 1-mile long
crescent is a great place for many visitors to relax and to play.  Kids love to build sand castles just above the
surf line. Carmel Beach is not just a paradise for people; this is a canine fun zone too—the dog-friendly beach
finds owners tossing tennis balls and romping with their furry pals. This city is known for being dog-friendly
because of resident Doris Day, a Hollywood motion picture actress, singer, and animal welfare activist. This
City has numerous hotels, restaurants and retail establishments admitting guests with dogs.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Scenic Drive in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

The view of lovely blue and light green colors of the clean ocean water in Carmel Bay with soft white sand
beach and nice Pacific breeze in the sunny morning is absolutely gorgeous!

Many people and their dogs are enjoying the Carmel Bay, waves and white sand beach.

Some people are surfing on the waves or are floating waiting for the big wave.
Beautiful flowers along Scenic Road in Carmel-by-the-Sea.
一個建築奇蹟, 簡潔明朗的建築線條,精練的設計富於藝術表現力。

The special Mrs. Clinton Walker House designed by the famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.  It  
blends so perfectly well with its surroundings and it stands majestically today. Thia is the only house on the
ocean side of Scenic Road. Every room in this special house has a fantastic ocean view.
Beautiful wildflowers along the hiking trail.
Zoom in for closer view of many people and their dogs enjoying the beach.
Zoom in on some people kayaking on Carmel Bay.
The Carmel Beach restroom is located at 26010 Scenic Rd, at the junction of Scenic Rd and Santa Lucia
Avenue. It is built on the bluff just west of Scenic Road at Santa Lucia Avenue, designed to blend in with the
beauty of the surrounding area. A stone veneer and board-form finish on the concrete walls provides a rustic
look, and a “green roof” covered in plants to complement the surrounding scenery, while the mahogany doors
provide a rich contrast. Located adjacent to a heavily-used hiking trail, the usefulness of the restroom facility
is equal to its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Another stairway connecting the hiking trail to the sun-soaked beach.

Gorgeous View!

The stunning Carmel River Beach and the Carmel Bay near southern end of Scenic Road.

When we drove near the southern end of Scenic Road, several people stood on the roadside watching
something in the Carmel Bay off Carmel River Beach. So, we stopped our car on roadside to take a look.

Wow! There were two or more whales blowing water spouts in the bay.

I took a short movie clip of these whales in action in Carmel Bay as shown in the following YouTube website:

鯨魚常年在 Monterey Bay and Carmel Bay 海灣中活躍。

Three whales in the Bay as seen near the southern end of Scenic Road.

Both Monterey Bay and Carmel Bay have mile-deep submarine canyons just offshore with abundance of fish
and food. Many kinds of whales and marine mammals thrive here, making it an outstanding place to see
whales and dolphins year-round.

More sample video reports by other people on activities of many whales and lots of seabirds on Carmel Bay
can be seen
here,  here, here, here, here and here.

Some sample video reports by other people on activities of many dolphins on Carmel Bay can be seen
here, here  and here.
一條風光如畫的海濱公路,青山碧海, 得天獨厚的浪漫美麗海岸線,原汁原味的天

Many visitors, including us, parked our cars on the roadside of the Scenic Road, got out of the car and hiked
along the hiking trail on the bluff to enjoy the gorgeous views.

There is also a large beach parking lot near the junction of Scenic Road and Ocean Avenue where many other
visitors parked their cars. That is the northern end of Scenic Road in Carmel-by-the-Sea.
Another whale.

Please see the video report by other people on feeding frenzy 4 miles west of Carmel Bay of thousands of
dolphins, sea lions, tunas, plus many whales all chasing a big school of anchovies at
遍布畫廊和雕塑等藝術品展室, 精妙典雅,逸趣盎然。

悠閒的文人雅士,尋找中國著名國畫大師 張大千 晚年在卡梅爾的故居 “可以居”。

However, it was lunch time on mother's Day on Saturday May 11. There were lots of tourists such that all the
parking lots and street parking spaces in the business district of Carmel were all full and occupied. We
realized that we came to this lovely area of Carmel on the "wrong day" with big crowd of tourists. We have to
come back again in the future on a weekday and non-holiday so that we can explore the lovely artistic area of
Carmel in a more leisure pace.

Therefore, we changed our plan and drove north a few miles to Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey for lunch.
The large parking lot for (old) Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey is located at: 101 Washington St. Monterey, CA

However, this large parking lot was also full at lunch time on the Mother's Day, Saturday May 11, 2019.
Fortunately, one guy just left freeing up one parking spot for us to park our car.

Lots of tourists at lunch time at (old) Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey.
Directory of many restaurants and shops in the (old) Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey.
Many seafood restaurants here have a clam chowder tasting stand with a big metal pot of clam chowder at the
store front to provide sample clam chowder in a small paper cup for tourists to sample the delicious clam
These seafood restaurants have very nice displays of delicious seafood dishes at their store fronts to attract
These displays make you feel hungry.
Ticket booth for the 2.5 hour whale watching boat tour on Monterey Bay.
Many whale watchers were on the whale watching boat already getting ready to go out soon into Monterey
Bay, Whale Watching Capital of the World.

Please see video reports by other people on fantastic humpback whales lunge feeding, playful breaching of
humpback whales and killer whales, and super-pods of hundreds of dolphins chasing billions of bait fish in
Monterey Bay at
here,  here and  here.
Ticket booth for Glass Bottom Boat tour to see the underwater world in Monterey Harbor and may be in the
Pictures of many kinds of whales and dolphins that can be seen on the whale watching boat tour on Monterey
We went into this restaurant for our seafood lunch.
The restaurant has many window seats with large glass windows for customers to enjoy the fantastic views in
Monterey Bay while eating delicious seafoods.
享受美味的海鮮午餐, 品味美食。

This looks so good! We ordered a large plate of mixed green salad, rich, thick and hearty clam chowder in a
sourdough bread bowl plus fish and chips with Tartar source.  The sourdough bread bowl is baked to become
super crispy and crunchy and the top was garlic oil soaked. So delicious. We enjoyed very much this seafood
While enjoying our delicious seafood lunch, we saw people kayaking in Monterey harbor.

We also saw sea otters floating leisurely in Monterey Harbor near our window. I took a short movie clip of
this otter in action on Monterey Harbor as shown in the following YouTube website:

From the restaurant window, I zoomed in and saw many seabirds (cormorants) on the rock jetty surrounding
Monterey Harbor.
I also saw some fishing boats in addition to many recreational sail boats.
Nice view from our window seat in the restaurant.
From the parking lot, we saw lots of boats in Monterey Harbor.
The walk path between the large parking lot and the (old) Fisherman's Wharf.
After the lunch, we drove to the nearby Perkins Park on the shore along Ocean View Blvd and Sunset Dr of
Pacific Grove to enjoy more gorgeous views. The ice plant flowers are blooming beautifully in Perkins Park
along the shore.
Some seabirds on the rock and a fishing boat in action off shore.
滑翔機,海上風箏愛好者和嚮往大自然的人的 海陸空運動天堂,賞景,遊玩的絕佳去

On our way home driving north on Highway 1 between Sand City and the town of Marina, just a few miles
north of Monterey, we saw some people enjoying gliding parachute above the coastal sandy beach dunes in
the area of Fort Ord Dunes State Park. It is outdoor recreation at its finest.
這裡是滑翔傘,滑翔機,放風箏和衝浪的熱門地點, 也可從空中俯瞰蒙特雷灣的美景,
你也還可以拿起漁具,垂釣海邊,享受一下午的寧靜; 或站在岸邊,看海豚和鯨魚在海浪

We enjoyed very much this tour on the busy mother's Day on Saturday, May 11, 2019 with lots of tourists on
the shores of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey,Pacific Grove,Sandy City and the town of Marina.

中國著名國畫大師 張大千 晚年也在這卡梅尔镇 (Carmel )和附近 圓石灘(Pebble Beach)
住了好多年,稱其第一居所為“可以居”,第二居所為 環篳庵,也創造出很多名畫。


在這裡被精彩地濃縮, 藝術修養和情懷會在這樣氛圍中美麗的發酵和蒸騰。

館,你都會發現自由的情懷,自在的心態與美麗的風光自然無痕跡地糅合在一起了: 鮮
花環繞,別有洞天的優雅 讓想到的是這裡的人情、鄉情和愛情的綿延無限,遊人路過這
的, 每棟房子都有獨特的風格跟特色,搭配著優雅的松柏和絕美海景,讓人不禁看呆
浪漫之地,很多新人來此結婚,結婚典禮 可以在教堂裡或者在海邊白淨細軟的沙灘上。

At the southern end of Scenic Road and after watching the whales, it was about lunch time. We drove for a
short distance to the picturesque Ocean Avenue in world-renowned Carmel Village. Carmel has long exerted a
magnetic pull on artists, writers/authors, poets, actors, musicians, artistic painters, visual artists,
photographer, dancers, etc. We were planning to have lunch here and to tour romantic fairy-tale cottages,
charming hamlets, upscale art galleries that cater to its wealthy residents (like Clint Eastwood), secret
gardens/courtyards, hidden alleys, cozy inns, unique shops, etc. as shown in
here, here, here, here, here,
here, here, and here.

More beautiful flowers along Scenic Road.
利半島獨特的柏樹 (Monterey Cypress) 的啟發,在此居住9年,在卡梅爾居住的歲月

1971年張大千又買了第二棟帶花園涼亭的房子,這個房子位於離開卡梅爾不遠的 圓石灘
(Pebble Beach) “十七英里海岸風景線” (17-Mile Drive) 的一個拐彎處, 張大千將第二棟
在海邊漫步,浪漫的白色沙灘,飽覽海邊風情, 心曠神怡,享受迷人的絕美海景。
湛藍無際的濱海風光,碧水連天, 壯闊的大海有著寬廣豪放之美,微風吹拂下很是愜

A sweeping view from the hiking trail and Scenic Road. It's absolutely beautiful.
More beautiful flowers along Scenic Road.
More surfers enjoying the waves.
One of many orange color California poppies blooming along Scenic Road.
One of many purple color beautiful flowers along Scenic Road.
Magnificent view of the northern part of the beautiful crescent beach and people through cypress branches.
The far side is the legendary golf courses at Pebble Beach Resorts and part of the famous 17-Mile Scenic
Drive. Pebble Beach has eight public and private 18-hole golf courses.
Magnificent view of the southern part of the beautiful crescent beach, people and their pet dogs. The upper
right corner is Clinton Walker House and Carmel Point.
Two more whales, one is blowing water spout.
慢慢欣賞遼闊的海景山色, 天然壯麗的海岸線,盡情的徜徉於青山碧海藍天之中, 充分
壯闊的海景和蒼勁挺拔優美的松柏 為建築營造一種寧靜愜意的居住環境, 開闊而灑脫,
形成雅緻的景觀視線,新穎的結構讓人眼前一亮,自有一種超凡脫俗的氣派, 顯示出其