A Very Enjoyable Tour of
Beautiful Santa Barbara
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We toured Santa Barbara in California coast from June 18 to 20, 2018. This is the first time for me to visit
Santa Barbara. It is amazing to see gorgeous flowers all over the place in Santa Barbara.

The Santa Barbara Harbor is a very busy place with many boats and lots of interesting activities.  The far
side in this picture is Santa Barbara Pier (or Stearns Wharf).
Santa Barbara Harbor as viewed from Brophy’s Brothers Clam Bar Seafood Restaurant located at 119 Harbor
Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93109. This excellent seafood restaurant on the waterfront is on the second floor so
that customers can enjoy excellent views in addition to delicious seafood.
The customers need to take this stairway to go up to the second floor to enjoy the fantastic seafood and
views of the harbor and mountains.

I took a movie clip of the activities of many people enjoying kayaking, sailing, stand-up paddleboarding,
fishing and Water Taxi in the harbor as shown in the following YouTube website:


You can hear the loud background noise of many people enjoying the delicious seafood in this highly popular
Brophy’s Brothers Clam Bar Seafood Restaurant while watching all these interesting activities in the harbor.
The downstairs of Brophy’s Brothers Clam Bar Seafood Restaurant is this small Sushi Go Go place which is
also quite popular.

Another view of the harbor along the breakwater wall and the walk path out to Point Castillo and sand spit.
Another view of the harbor with Stearns Wharf (i.e., Santa Barbara Pier) on the far side.
獨具風味的濃香,色澤金黃,表面酥脆,肉質鮮嫩的 Fish & Chips,人間美味,聞起來
鮮香無比, 試問有誰能擋住它的誘惑?
那個香味實在讓人情不自禁 想馬上吃到!廣受食

We enjoyed delicious Fish & Chips with Coleslaw, Tartar source, Clam Chowder and Tossed Green Salad in
Brophy’s Brothers Clam Bar Seafood Restaurant on the outside deck with excellent views of all those activities
in the harbor.
This Condor Express is a 75′ state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, high-speed catamaran that takes many tourists
out for whale watching. The cruising ground of Condor Express includes the nutrient rich waters around
Santa Cruz Island, Santa Rosa Island and San Miguel Island, generally considered to contain one of the
world’s greatest varieties of marine mammals. Sometimes whale watchers also see thousands of dolphins in

The Santa Barbara Channel is home to over 27 different species of whales and dolphins that visit throughout
the year, and it’s the prime northern feeding grounds for blue whales and humpback whales from May
through November.
There are also many fishing boats in Santa Barbara Harbor, some with huge role of fishing net or fishing traps.
Some people are fishing at Point Castillo, the far end of the breakwater wall and walk path.

We also drove our car onto the 2,300 feet long Stearns Wharf (i.e., Santa Barbara Pier) to watch many
interesting activities such as marine life Sea Center, Stearns Wharf Bait & Tackle, several restaurants,
souvenir gift shops, Ice Cream shop, etc.
We parked our car in the parking lot on Stearns Wharf.

In Santa Barbara, most gated parking lots and gated parking garage provide Free Parking for the first 90
minutes. Such friendly 90-minute free parking policy makes tourists feel welcomed and warm about this
beautiful city.
A side view of the 2,300 feet long Stearns Wharf.
From Stearns Wharf, we saw many birds on the sand spit between the harbor and the wharf.
Zoom in for a closer view of many pelicans and seagulls in action on the sand spit.
From the Stearns Wharf, I took a movie scan of the fantastic panoramic views of the beautiful Santa Barbara
harbor and of many pelicans, seagulls and Cormorants in action in the harbor  as shown in the following
YouTube website:

This sea lion was busily chasing a school of fish in the water near the Wharf.

In addition to many birds in action in the air, there are also many fish in the water in the harbor as shown on
this picture and my movie clip in the following YouTube website:

The palm trees that line the beautiful Shoreline Drive and E. Cabrillo Blvd near the Harbor and the Wharf.
Some people were fishing from the Wharf. This lady just caught a crab.
Beautiful flowers in University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). The entrance of UCSB is at Henley Gate
at the west end of Ward Memorial Blvd (i.e., Hwy 217) in Santa Barbara/Isla Vista, CA 93117.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of UCSB

More beautiful flowers in UCSB.
One of several JACARANDA trees with blue flowers in UCSB.
More gorgeous flowers in UCSB.
Instead of driving a car, some bare feet tourist couples enjoy the leisure pace of sightseeing in Santa
Barbara by using the rental 4-wheel cycle.
月形的海灣,高叢的懸崖, 加上碧藍的海水,構成一幅美麗的海岸風情畫。

Zoom in for closer view of beautiful campus of University of California at Santa Barbara on blufftop right by
the beach as viewed from Goleta Beach County Park.

A detailed Virtual Tour with excellent photos and associated narrative of University of California, Santa
Barbara is available at:

加州大學校園的周邊是美麗的碧海金沙海岸線,彎月形沙灘的海濱, 盡情徜徉於大海的旖
旎風情之中, 有著寬廣豪放之美。

Beautiful campus of University of California at Santa Barbara near Goleta Bay as viewed from Goleta
Pier which is in Goleta Beach County Park which is located at 5986 Sandspit Rd, Goleta, CA 93117 and
is about one miles east of entrance of UCSB. The stunning visuals around Goleta Beach County Park
draw painters and photographers.
The 1,450-foot-long picturesque Goleta Pier in Goleta Beach County Park lures in many anglers, artists and
visitors to enjoy natural beauty.
Many people fishing from Goleta Pier and there are many pigeons on Goleta Pier.
An angler from Goleta Pier just caught a sand shark.
The Hook, Line & Sinker bait and tackle shack half-way out on the Goleta Pier operated by Santa Barbara
County Parks System to serve the needs of anglers.
A fish-filleting, cleaning and bait-cutting board to serve the needs of anglers on the pier.
Several benches on the Goleta Pier to serve the needs of anglers and visitors.
A mile-long lush kelp (sea weed) bed (or forest) runs parallel to the Goleta Pier on the right, or west side.
Underneath the kelp bed is a mile-long pipe line covered by rocks and becomes an artificial reef that
encourages the growth of lush kelp bed. Goleta Bay is also the outlets of Atascadero Creek and Goleta
Slough. Such ideal conditions attract many fish to live here.

Anglers on Goleta Pier have been catching many kinds of fish such as barred surfperch, guitarfish, thornback
rays, halibut, large corbina, black (giant) sea bass, white croakers, jacksmelt, small perch, pelagics, mackerel,
bonito, barracuda, yellowtail, salmon, rock fish, ling cod, halibut, etc.

Goleta Pier is specifically designated as a fishing pier and ranks as one of the most productive shoreline
fishing hotspots on the California coast.
Even though it was June 20 when we visited Goleta Pier, the sea breeze was still cold. On the other hand,
the sunshine makes the wood planks of the pier warm. Some pigeons like to sleep this way on the warm
wood planks of the pier.
Two pigeons were kissing each other as shown on this picture and in the movie clip I took in the following
YouTube website:

North side of Goleta Beach County Park is Goleta Slough and San Pedro Creek with many birds. Goleta
Slough behind the park is a serene place to look out and contemplate life.

Most notable and visible from the parking lot of Goleta Beach County Park is a large bird rookery with many
cormorants and their nests when we were there on June 20, 2018.
Many visitors, including us, enjoying delicious seafood lunch in this Beachside Cafe in Goleta Beach County
Awesome views of Goleta Bay and Goleta Pier from the large windows of Beachside Cafe.
California poppies in Goleta Beach County Park.
Some people were enjoying kayaking and surfing at Goleta Point (i.e., Campus Point) on the west end of
Goleta Bay.

East End of Goleta Bay as viewed from Goleta Pier.
Another view of Goleta Beach County Park.
Storke Tower is a landmark campanile located on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara.
The 61-bell carillon tower stands 175 ft tall.
According to information on Internet, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets and Cormorants all share and nest
on this large rookery.

Furthermore, Soras, Black-necked Stilts and Canada Geese also raise their babies in Goleta Slough.
Spectacular views of the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, mountains, and ocean as viewed from the top floor
of the clock tower of Santa Barbara County Courthouse located at 1100 Anacapa St (at E Anapamu St),
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 in downtown Santa Barbara. Visitors can take the elevator in the clock tower to
go up to the top floor (5th floor in elevator) or climb the stairway to get up there. A gated parking garage
across from the Courthouse on Anacapa Street where the first 75 minutes are free.
Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Santa Barbara County Courthouse to admire the elaborate
Spanish/Moorish Colonial Revival architecture and enjoy the expansive city views from the tower of this historic
building. Not only is the Santa Barbara Courthouse considered one of the most beautiful courthouses in the
country, but it’s also listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

I took a movie scan of the spectacular 360-degree view as shown in the following YouTube website:

The Santa Barbara County Courthouse is home to a rare Seth Thomas model 18 tower clock built and installed
in 1929. A better picture and more information are available at:

The clock room with Bisno Schall Clock Gallery is a showcase for public viewing
Despite the draw of lush gardens and interesting architecture, the interior of the building houses one of its most
fascinating attractions, what is known as the “Mural Room.” Here, enormous paintings depicting Santa Barbara’
s early history adorn the walls, painted by California artist Daniel Groesbeck (1879-1950) in 1929, the same
year the courthouse was completed.
The ceiling in the mural room.
The scene portrayed involves the Canalino Tribe, also known as the Chumash Indians, watching the arrival of
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo at the California coast, carrying the flag of Spain.

Next, we see the expedition of Sebastian Vizcaino, a Spanish explorer and mapmaker. His expedition anchored
in the channel on December 4, 1602, known as the feast day of Saint Barbara, for which the channel was then

The wall through which you enter represents the construction of the present-day Santa Barbara Mission,
founded by Fr. Presidente Fermin Lasuen and the Spanish Franciscans in 1786. Across the room, a composite
of the Mexican period is depicted on the far wall, which began in 1822, after Mexico gained independence from
Spain. Next to this, Groesbeck portrayed Captain John C. Fremont descending San Marcos Pass in 1846 to
claim Santa Barbara for the United States. Shown in the sky is an eagle, symbolizing the beginning of the
American period. The wall on the right side of the room includes early industries such as mining, ranching and
agriculture, representative of the industries that helped establish California’s economy.
Designed to serve as the Board of Supervisors’ assembly room, for which it was used for 30 years, the mural
room is now primarily used for ceremonial purposes, graduations and weddings.
In 1924, the painting artist, Groesbeck, settled in Santa Barbara, where the local County National Bank
commissioned him to paint a scene of Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s expedition to California in
1542. The 9×12-foot Landing of Cabrillo, which now hangs outside the mural room, gained Groesbeck national
recognition and was no doubt instrumental in his commission to paint the Santa Barbara Courthouse Mural
Even the parking garage in downtown Santa Barbara near the courthouse also has beautiful flowers.
More beautiful flowers in Santa Barbara.
丹麥村: 走進小鎮,濃濃的歐洲風情,彷彿來到一個北歐城鎮,眼前所見全部都是木質

On the morning of Thursday, June 21, 2018, we were leaving Santa Barbara and were driving north on
Highway 101 to go back to San Francisco Bay Area.

At about 34 miles northwest of Santa Barbara, we took a short detour to visit the special historic Danish
village known as Solvang (Danish for 'sunny field' ). Solvang was founded in 1911 on almost 9,000 acres of
the Rancho San Carlos de Jonata Mexican land grant, by a group of Danes who traveled west to establish a
Danish colony far from the Midwestern winters. The city is home to a number of bakeries, restaurants, and
merchants offering a taste of Denmark in California. The architecture of many of the façades and buildings
reflects traditional Danish style, creating a new tourist attraction. It is a bit of Denmark tucked into this
beautiful California.

We strolled through the village and admire the old-world European architecture, plus find the perfect souvenir
at a variety of charming boutiques and shops.
There is a copy of the statue of famed Danish fable writer Hans Christian Andersen.
A Chinese Restaurant in Danish Style building.
After touring Solvang, we continued driving north on Highway 101. We were very happy to see wild horses
(mustangs) very far away high on mountain slope in the area of San Luis Obispo. I had to use my compact
super-zoom camera to zoom in order to see them well.  
According to information on Internet, the "RETURN TO FREEDOM, AMERICAN WILD HORSE SANCTUARY"
program has established about 2,000 rolling acres of wild horse sanctuary, in San Luis Obispo, California. It is
very nice to see these wild mustangs roaming free in such sanctuary on the Central Coast of California.

The other place that I saw many wild horses roaming free was in Wyoming as shown on my web page at:

While driving on Highway 101, we often see large and long white colored plastic tunnels on the farm fields.
I looked into Internet for the purpose for these long plastic tunnels in the farm fields. What I found is the

Many warm season vegetable crops can bring a higher price early in the growing season before large supplies
are available. In order to encourage early vegetable production and capture the profitable early market,
growers can use plastic tunnels or hot caps. In other words, the plastic tunnels help to speed up the harvest
date for some crops. The tunnels promote early growth by warming the air surrounding the plants, using heat
from the sun. The tunnels also protect plants from frost that can destroy or damage them. Greater overall crop
yields are obtained when the plants come into earlier production and continue to bear throughout the season.
This combination of earliness and greater yields can significantly increase profits for the growers.

Many crops can be successfully cultivated under tunnels. They include: zucchini squash, chili peppers,
cucumbers, cherry and fresh market tomatoes, melons, green beans, Chinese long beans, singua, moqua, and
bitter melons.
One of many vineyards seen along Highway 101.
Some of the mountains along Highway 101 look quite impressive.
More Flowers in Santa Barbara.
Some flowers at Santa Barbara Harbor
全盤移植故鄉丹麥的建築風格以及社區規劃,而創造出來 的一處在美國境內的丹麥風情
多漂亮的歷史建築,歐式拱廊,噴泉,棕櫚樹,鳥語花香的庭院,沿途都是 鮮花,美遍了