Fantastic Canadian Rockies and Wildlife
Tour of Eight Beautiful National Parks -
Part 3 of 5

A corner of beautiful Lake Louise.
Scenery in Banff National Park along Bow Valley Parkway

A beautiful video of Montana in USA including US Glacier National Park from the air can be seen at:


The sequence of our 13-day driving tour of Canadian Rockies including Montana, Idaho and
Washington State in USA is:

Seattle, Washington State, USA --------> Mt. Revelstoke National Park (NP) in British Columbia (BC),
Canada --------> Canadian Glacier NP in BC ---------> Yoho NP in BC --------> Lake Louis in Banff NP in
Alberta --------> Scenic Icefield Parkway going north in Alberta --------> Jasper NP in Alberta ----------->
Scenic Icefield Parkway going south in Alberta --------> Banff NP in Alberta ---------> Kootenay NP in BC
--------->  Highway 93/95 going south in BC --------> Waterton Lakes NP in southern Alberta -------->
Bison National Range in Montana, USA --------->   Pablo National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Montana
---------> Ninepipe NWR in Montana ---------> Glacier NP in Montana, USA --------> Kootenai NWR in
Idaho, USA --------> Little Pend Oreille NWR in northeast Washington State --------> Lake Chelan in
central Washington State, Chelan Gorge and Bridge ---------> Rocky Reach Dam ---------> Seattle in
Washington State, USA

More photos and stories are presented in the subsequent two parts of this series of web pages on the
fantastic Canadian Rockies.

Parts 1, 2 and 4 of this series on fantastic Canadian Rockies are at the following web pages:
青山碧水, 雪山冰川雲霧,湖光如鏡,清澈湖水映照著山丘倒影,嫵
媚動人,氣勢非凡, 絕色美景路易湖, 恍若人间仙境。

Beautiful Lake Louise in Banff National Park with Victoria Glacier in the cradle of Mount Victoria at the far end.
It was cloudy and raining on-and-off when we were touring Lake Louise.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Lake Louis

For one night, we stayed in Bow View Lodge near the beautiful Bow River on the western edge of Banff
townsite in Banff National Park.

Map: Click here to see Google Map for location of Bow River in Banff
We saw several female elks with no antlers and young male elks with small antlers eating grass or tree leaves
at the river bank of the Bow River near our motel.
Scenery along Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park
峭岩陡壁, 怪石嶙峋,雲霧繚繞 , 獨特的神秘魔幻景觀。

Scenery along Trans-Canada Highway 1 in Yoho National Park
Columbia Icefield at elevation of 6,500 feet above sea level along Icefield Parkway in Jasper National Park.
What we see here is just the 6-Km tongue of the large Athabasca Glacier which stretches for 25 Km with 300
meter thickness across the Continental Divide on the Rocky Mountains.  

Many tiny black dots on the lower center edge of this picture are many tourists on a hiking trail to go up to hike
on the large Icefield formed from snow that fell may be 400 years ago.
Zoom in for closer view of many tourists on a hiking trail to go up to hike on the large Columbia Icefield

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Columbia Icefield
Scenery along Maligne Valley Road in Jasper National Park
While we were driving on the Maligne Valley Road, we saw this deer with small antler still covered with velvet.
The first time that I saw a deer with a full-grown multi-point antler was in Yosemite National Park in California
many years ago.
Chief Mountain at the border of Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada and (US) Glacier National
Park in Montana, USA.

Christmas Jingle Bell and Grizzly Bear or Black Bear:
When we went into the visitor centers in these national parks in or near Canadian Rockies for information, we
often heard Christmas jingle bells or cow bells ringing. Even though it was in August in the summer season,
these sounds of Christmas jingle bells made me feel like in the winter Christmas Holiday season. Some hikers
in these national parks often have Christmas jingle bells or cow bells tied to their feet or their hiking sticks.
When these hikers walk, they send out those sounds of Christmas jingle bells. The idea is to make a lot of loud
noise to avoid surprising close encounter with grizzly bears or black bears when these hikers hike deep into
wilderness far away from the popular areas. According to "Safety in Bear Country" in the national park
brochure, jingle bell is still not loud enough and it recommends shouting loudly every couple minutes. For this
reason, in the planning stage for this trip, I went to a Target Department Store in New Jersey to buy a bicycle
bell so that I can also ring the bell in case if I find myself walking on a trail without many other tourists around.

However, these national parks in Canadian Rockies are very popular with lots of tourists in the summer
season. Most of the popular points of great interest can be accessed by car on paved road and usually there
are many tourists around such that there is no danger of surprising close encounter with grizzly bears or black
bears at these popular areas.

Nevertheless, we still get several opportunities to see bears at great distance as shown in the following:
Some tourists stopped their cars on the roadside of Many Glacier Road in (US) Glacier National Park and
were using binoculars to look at something at a distance.
We also stopped our car to join the group to watch this bear with a cub at a distance near Lake Sherburne in
Many Glacier Region of the (US) Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. My camera has 12X optical zoom
plus 4X digital zoom. I used such combined 48X to zoom in to get this picture because these two bears were
pretty far away. It was not clear if these two bears were grizzly bears or black bears because they were too
far away.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Lake Sherburne

Other tourists told me that there was another bear with two cubs in another direction. So, I shifted my camera
toward that direction and got the following picture:
However, I was somewhat late and this bear with two cubs walked into the woods such that I did not have a
chance to get a better picture of them.
夕陽晚霞仙湖美景, 峰巒疊翠,幽深秀麗,峰奇景幻,湖光山色,相
映成趣,最富詩情畫意, 嫵媚動人,分外迷人的世外桃源。

We arrived at Swiftcurrent Lake in Many Glacier Region of (US) Glacier National Park at about 8 PM after
sunset. Some tourists here were using binoculars or telescopes to look at a grizzly bear with two cubs on
mountainside very far away. I could not take a good picture of these grizzly bears because they were too far
away and it was getting too dark.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Swiftcurrent Lake

More views of Swiftcurrent Lake and mountains can be seen here , here and here.

Tourists hiking on a 1-Km trail in Johnston Canyon to see the Johnston Canyon Falls in Banff National
Park. The trail head and parking lot are just off Bow Valley Parkway, 23 km west of Banff. However,
good portions of the trail are on steel catwalks attached to the canyon wall hanging over Johnston
Creek as shown in these three pictures.

After hiking the 1-Km trail, the tourists go through this tunnel to get a close up view of the Johnston Canyon
Upper section of the Johnston Canyon Falls.
Mid-section of the Johnston Canyon Falls.
Lower section of the Johnston Canyon Falls.
Many tourists line up here at trail head to buy ice cream. After the 2-Km hiking on this trail and catwalks, ice
cream tastes especially good.

A map of Johnston Creek is available at the following website:


I am in this ice cream line carrying my hat and a monopod for my photography. My compact digital camera is
Canon PowerShot S2IS which has Image Stabilizer (IS) and 12X optical zoom. The monopod and the Image
Stabilizer are quite helpful to get better and sharper pictures by minimizing the effects of hand shake on the
camera. The strong but light weight monopod also serves as a hiking stick for hiking on the sightseeing  trails.
These three pictures were taken from the balcony of our motel room. These elks are known as “urbanized
elks” because they prefer to live in the Banff townsite near the Bow River. The reason for such preference to
be urbanized is that these elks know that all those tourists in the Banff townsite are very friendly and will not
harm them whereas in the wild these elks may face the attacks by grizzly bears, wolf, mountain lions, etc.
清泉合奏出自然美妙的樂音, 彷如遺世深藏的一方
峭岩陡壁;它(Icefield Parkway) 之所以享譽海內外,在於它的公路
景觀, 步步有景,峰迴路轉,怪石林立, 峭岩陡壁, 連綿的雪峰、
深藍的天空、潔白的雲彩, 斑斕絢麗, 美不勝收, 讓人嘆為觀止。

Scenery along Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park
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