Beautiful Roadside Flowers in San Francisco Bay Area
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花一現" 這句中國成語,比喻轉瞬即逝的事物。曇花非常美麗,雖然其花夜間開放,但


The blooms of the “orchid cactus” come in brilliant reds, creamy whites, deep oranges, bold yellows, and
tantalizing pinks and purples. Most of them are hybrids, patiently grown and cultivated by avid epiphyllum
enthusiasts; but the true species native to Central and South America and Mexico are no less stunning.

Photos and associated stories of many beautiful flowers in Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California are on my
web page at:

自古以來,曇花被賦予了幾近神奇的色彩, 開出的花朵是極其絢爛的,令人目眩神迷

Beautiful Epiphyllums (曇花) blooming in early May in residential area in Antelope Hill area in Fremont in San
Francisco Bay Area. It remains open for several days.
Epiphyllums (known as orchid cactus) go largely unnoticed during much of the year, when their unassuming,
leaf-like stems are biding time and gathering energy. But when spring arrives, an unforgettable show begins! In
April and May, these tropical plants burst into their full glory, with large, jewel-toned blossoms that are
anything but wallflowers. This is at front of a home on Antelope Hill in Fremont, California.
Gorgeous pink ice-plant flower garden on the front yard of a home in the residential area in Fremont, California.
A blooming flower tree with pink flowers in the backyard of a church in Fremont.
Zoom in for a closer view of the pink flowers.
A Loquat tree with yellow and juicy fruits of Loquat (枇杷) in the backyard of the same church in Fremont,
California in late March.
Roadside wildflowers along Paseo Padre Parkway near Antelope Hill in Fremont, California.
One of several beautiful Jacaranda trees with long lasting blue-purple flower clusters along Fremont Blvd in
Fremont, California
Zoom in for closer view of beautiful blue flowers of Jacaranda trees in Fremont, California.
Another large Jacaranda tree along Fremont Blvd in Fremont. The shade tree that lights up the landscape
with large, vibrant blue-purple blossoms every spring.
A lemon tree with many lemon fruits.
Many young and beautiful Jacaranda trees are lighting up the skies and streets with their blue-purple blooms at
Irvington Farmers’ Market along Bay Street, Chapel Ave and Trimboli Way in Irvington/Fremont, California.
There are many vendor stalls and stands at this market on Sunday selling various kinds of organic fresh quality
vegetables, fruits,  flowers, flavored popcorn, nuts, breads, herbs, essential oil soaps, Asian leafy greens,
eggs, honey, and other goodies.
More beautiful roadside flowers.
Vine with gorgeous red trumpet flowers
Vines with red trumpet flowers and vines with yellow flowers on the walls along Interstate Highway 880 (I-880)
on east side of San Francisco Bay area.
Vines with yellow flowers on the walls along I-880.
Ivies with orange colored flower on the wall along I-880.
A hawk on roadside trees.
A hawk in the sky.
Shining and colorful wild turkey on Antelope Hill in Fremont.
Lush green ivy on the wall along I-880 in the spring season.
More large Jacaranda trees in Fremont.
I came back to Bay Street again on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 to take another picture of many young Jacaranda
trees on Bay Street in Fremont.
Another large Jacaranda tree along Fremont Blvd in Fremont.
Gorgeous red flowers.
More Jacaranda trees with blue flowers along Interstate Highway 680 (I-680) in San Jose.
A fruit tree with many fruits in a residential area in Fremont, California in November 2018.
Zoom in for closer view of many fruits on the fruit tree. In residential areas in San Francisco Bay area, many
people planted various kinds of fruit trees and vegetables on their front yards or backyards with many hanging
delicious fruits. These fruit trees grow so many fruits such that some people often bring their home grown
organic fresh fruits to the Sunday church gathering to share with friends. Such tree ripe fresh fruits are very
juicy and very delicious.
Pitaya Plant (Dragon Fruit Plant, 火龍果 ) in the backyard of a friend in San Jose, California in November
2018. Pitaya plant is a fast growing climbing cactus that produces large and tasty fruits with neon pink skin.
Another view of the Pitaya Plant (Dragon Fruit Plant, 火龍果 ) in the backyard of a friend in San Jose.
A persimmon (柿子) tree in the backyard of a friend in San Jose.
Zoom in for a closer view of many persimmon fruits (柿子) on the tree in the backyard of a friend in San Jose.
A passion fruit (百香果 ) plant in the backyard of a friend in San Jose.
Lots of fruits on this tree in the backyard.