Gorgeous Camellias (茶花) in Descanso Gardens
in Los Angeles
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滿園的茶花 ,色彩瑰麗,花朵優美, 浪漫迷醉的花園, 花開時節,遍地花開, 人間仙境。

Gorgeous red camellia in Descanso Gardens located at 1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge 91011
near the San Gabriel mountains in north central part of Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area. It is a 20-
minute drive northwest from downtown Los Angeles. Descanso Gardens is a 150 acres botanical garden and
is home to North America’s largest camellia collection with more than 10,000 camellia plants growing under the
shade of huge oak tree forests. It has been designated an International Camellia Garden of Excellence by the
International Camellia Society.

I toured Descanso Gardens for the second time on February 5, 2017 to enjoy dazzling floral display during the
peak blooming season of camellia in this garden.
熱烈又絢麗,充滿無盡喜悅的熾熱情懷,尤為壯觀,二月去正是時候, 茶花笑等遊客
來, 落英繽紛, 微風拂過,花瓣悠然隨風飄落。

Each of 10,000 camellia plants in the glorious Descanso Gardens is full of blooming beautiful camellias during
the peak blooming season of February Camellia Festival. The garden becomes a sea of warm color, flush with
the reds, whites, and pinks
 of many blooming camellias.  

Lovely white Camellia in Descanso Gardens. It’s a real eye-catcher.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Descanso Gardens
A tranquil Japanese Zen Garden in Descanso Gardens. Walking in this botanical garden, travelers will enjoy
beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers, sprawling vegetation and delightful stillness and tranquility.
Some Koi in the pond in Japanese Zen Garden.
Enchanted Railroad mini train is a Descanso icon, delighting young and old who climb aboard.
A stream running through the forest and the Japanese Zen Garden. Sometimes, the fallen beautiful camellias
flow down this stream.
In addition to touring Descanso Gardens and Huntington Botanical Gardens in Los Angeles, we also drove
south along Interstate Highway 5 to enjoy scenic vista points along the coastal areas between Los Angeles
and San Diego.

This is one of such scenic vista at Strand Vista Park along the top of the bluff of the City of Dana Point. It is
located near the junction of Pacific Coast Hwy (i.e., Highway 1) & Selva Road, Dana Point, CA 92629
On a clear day, visitors can see Santa Catalina Island, about 42 miles off shore, dolphins and migrating whales
from this Vista Point. The Dona Point Whale Festival is in the first two weeks of March.

Unfortunately, it was a raining day with gray sky, gray ocean color and very limited visibility on February 7,
2017 when I came here. Winter is the raining season in California. I probably will come to tour coastal areas
between Los Angeles and San Diego again in a future summer season with blue sky and good visibility to enjoy
these vista points more fully.
The special flowers, known as Tropical bird of paradise, in Strand Vista Park in Dana Point.
We also drove south into Cabrillo National Monument located at 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, San Diego, CA
92106. It is located at the southern tip of the Point Loma Peninsula in San Diego, California. However, the
raining day again limited the spectacular views from this National Monument. I will have to come back again in
a future summer day with blue sky and good visibility to enjoy the panoramic views.
Statue of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo at Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, California.  It commemorates the
arrival of Spanish explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, the first European to visit the West Coast of the United
States, who sailed into San Diego Bay in September 1542.
茶花戀, 沿途茶花夾道成林、落花繽紛,滿樹滿眼的紅粉茶花,輝映出最極緻的浪漫氛

The gardens explode with camellias in an amazing array of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures during the peak
blooming season in February. The forest of camellias is amazing when the trees are in bloom. A lovely place to
walk and be surrounded by so many beautiful flowers! A cloud of blossoming camellias. You are descending
Into Beauty.
柔美嬌羞,恰似抹上一道輕盈緋紅, 微妙的美。

Romantic vision of nature's beauty. A pretty place to relax and to take photos.

Many clusters of gorgeous flowers.
滿樹紅紫花,婀娜多姿,風情萬種, 勾勒得好像夢幻世界裡的情境,大片怒放的花朵,
色彩鮮艷亮麗,讓人目不暇接,綠林上再鋪滿一層粉紅色的茶花毯, 讓人們感受到早春

Magnificent display of showy flower. It is amazing.
幽靜的花園, 簡樸而幽雅的美感,一切是如此的和諧可愛。

Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the tranquility.
清新淡雅脫俗, 展露出獨特的魅力,風情萬種,洋溢蓬勃生機。

Absolutely delightful.

Immerse yourself in an effusion of blooming camellias.
那麼鮮豔的茶花, 紅火紅般的色彩令人為之雀躍, 吸引了拍照的人們。

Brilliantly colored camellia.

It is a romantic date destination.
身在花海中,真是一種心情的釋放, 亂花漸欲迷人眼,不如就此沈醉。

A feast for the eyes.
Enjoy the sheer beauty of the gardens and displays.

It is amazing.

到處都是茶花,開得非常茂密, 人從下面走過,感覺四面八方都是茶花。

It is magical!

Mysterious and seductive
此情此景,繽紛旖旎, 觸動著人們的浪漫情懷,引人心馳神往,肯定為您留下最美好的

Camellias are endlessly fascinating.

Insanely provocative
Extensive camellia plantings, with incredible variety
This is the most amazing place to visit if you like flowers.
Beautiful pictures anywhere you look.

Walking through the gardens - camellias in fantastic colors for as far as one could see. The gardens are
amazing as a sea of color.
漫步賞茶花,很有韻味, 讓人流連忘返。
Many pelicans were in the air over Dana Point. I took a movie clip of these pelicans in action and upload it to
the YouTube website at: