Ten Thousands Colorful Irises (鳶尾花)
Blooming Beautifully
鳶尾花, 香氣淡雅,花形似翩翩起舞的蝴蝶,姿態優美,嬌豔欲滴, 風韻奇絕, 鳶尾花在

On Sunday afternoon, May 21, 2006, we visited the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in Upper Montclair, New
Jersey to see spectacular display of thousands of beautiful irises (
鳶尾花) with many colors blooming in late
May in the outdoor gardens. The collection at Presby Memorial Iris Gardens includes approximately 10,000
individual plants, representing 6 species and over 2,000 varieties of irises. The weather was sunny and clear in
the morning of May 21, but at about 1:30 PM, it started to shower lightly on and off until about 3:30 PM.
Therefore, these irises had some rain drops on them when we were taking pictures as shown in the following.
把整個花園裝點得風姿綽約、楚楚動入,有一種少女般純淨美麗的初戀情愫, 令人賞心悅
目, 回歸到了自然原野的氣息,彌漫著濃濃的香草味,處處綻放著蒼翠的綠意和繽紛的色

The address of Presby Memorial Iris Gardens is: 474 Upper Mountain Avenue, Upper Montclair, New Jersey
07043, USA. (On south bound side of Upper Mountain Avenue between Mt. Hebron Rd. and Laurel Pl., next to
Mountainside Park and across from public tennis courts). The parking is street parking on same side of street
as Gardens or above Gardens on Highland Avenue.
http://presbyiris.tripod.com/  .
Tel: 973-783-5974 .

Live Webcam at: http://


1.     Take Garden State Parkway North
2.     Take Exit 151
3.     At end of Exit Ramp, Turn left into Watchung Ave (Rt. 655) west
4.     Keep going on Watchung Ave west for about 2 miles until the end with a T intersection
5.     Turn right into Upper Mountain Avenue and go northeast for about 1.2 miles
6.     Presby Memorial Iris Gardens is on left side

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Presby Memorial Iris Gardens
In addition to the Iris Gardens, the Branch Brook Park and the Chinese Scholar's Gardens in the New York
Metropolitan area and
Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia are also very beautiful. Please see the following
web pages on these gardens:



After seeing the beautiful flowers in these parks and gardens in the Spring season, please also enjoy the
beautiful Autumn foliage in Garden State (New Jersey) in the following two web pages:


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嬌豔絢麗熱情如火的牡丹花, 花中之王。

There are also some gorgeous peony flowers in southern part of this garden.
再度出發遨遊, 遠看花團錦簇,近看則婉約可人,品味春天帶來無限生機的快感, 詩情畫意
的柔美,優雅的氣氛, 把人的心情、思緒感染得倍添靈性。

We visited this beautiful iris garden again on May 30, 2015.
在春末初夏正值鳶尾花盛開之時,晶瑩淡雅的黃花, 優美的姿態和迷人的風采。
美麗芬芳的鳶尾花朵, 笑等遊客來。

It is amazing! So many colors in the iris gardens.
紅火紅般的色彩,開得既熱烈又絢麗, 充滿無盡喜悅的熾熱情懷, 浸沒在花海中,不禁讓

Stunning! A romantic vision of nature's beauty.
輕淡幽雅的花朵, 別有一番韻味。

The iris gardens are gorgeous. A pretty place to relax and to take beautiful photos.
綻放著春日中最美的生命色彩,恰似抹上一道輕盈緋紅, 花海、人潮,親情、愛情、友情

It is magical.
中,真是一種心情的釋放,每走幾步路便會遇上驚喜, 遊人絡繹不絕。

This is the most amazing place to visit if you like flowers.
暮春時節,正是鳶尾花吐豔之時,清新淡雅脫俗, 輝映出極緻的浪漫氛圍,展露出獨特的魅
力,洋溢蓬勃生機,燦若云霞,風情萬種, 美麗至極。

Beautiful pictures anywhere you look.
輕淡幽雅的花朵, 獨特風格, 別有情趣。

It's a great spot for a romantic walk and a meditative time.

Thousands of brilliantly colored irises.

It is a romantic date destination.
渾然天成的美, 從容優雅,高貴風度, 飄逸脫俗。

Awesome gardens
處處充滿驚奇,為花園增添了一層迷人的色彩, 讓人醉在花兒的懷抱裏。

This is the place where I come back to again and again for the romantic Iris Show.
五六月之交,鳶尾花盛開,一睹鳶尾花園的風華, 開得花團緊蔟、美不勝收, 迎風玉立、

Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the tranquility.

A lovely place to walk and enjoy a huge range of colours.


Magnificent display.
這如夢如幻的花花世界,婀娜多姿, 如火如荼的怒放,感受視覺的心靈饗宴,享受被花海
包圍的滋味, 是如此令人神往。

Iris in every color imaginable for as far as one could see
花園的景色如彩虹般多采多姿,熱情的紅, 璀璨的黃,清新的綠, 純潔的白,深深感受到春

Gorgeous colors.
春光明媚,風和日麗, 溫馨和詩意, 縱情飽覽風情萬種的鳶尾花, 不論您從哪一個角度取

A riot of color and fragrance.
清新而明媚,賞心而悅目, 和諧柔美,將鳶尾花的風華完整呈現, 別有韻致。

Sheer beauty.



The gardens are amazing as a sea of color.
花園內萬紫千紅、百花爭妍,此情此景,繽紛旖旎, 觸動著人們的浪漫情懷,引人心馳神

Endlessly fascinating.

目睹這繽紛美麗的花海,紅色、紫色、橙黃色, 淡粉紅色和粉桃色,加上瀰漫的淡淡幽

漫步賞鳶尾花,很有韻味, 讓人流連忘返。

A feast for the eyes.
展露最美的姿態迎客, 果然不同凡響,不管從哪個角度來欣賞它,都很美。

Amazing forms with brilliant colors.

There is tremendous color diversity, from the palest cream to fire orange and all shades
in between. There are also pale green ones and some that are almost transparent.

It is a sea of warm color, flush with the reds, whites, yellows, and pinks 
of many
blooming irises.
如詩如畫繽紛浪漫的鳶尾花世界, 掩映之間盡是風情。

Gorgeous, wonderful colors, absolutely delightful.

A showcase of amazing array of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.