Lake Chabot in San Francisco Bay Area
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彿洗滌了旅人們心靈的塵埃, 令人我感到平靜與安寧, 靜靜地享受大自然。

Beautiful and serene Lake Chabot with clean blue water and fresh air in Lake Chabot Regional Park located
at 17930 Lake Chabot Rd, Castro Valley, CA 94546, just east of San Leandro in east side of San Francisco
Bay Area.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Lake Chabot Regional Park
蔚藍天空,水色碧澄發亮,  清澈碧綠,碧波粼粼,那份浪漫與寧静, 壯麗的山水自成一

We came to visit gorgeous Lake Chabot in the afternoon of July 14, 2018 to enjoy nature and  great outdoors
in all its beauty. It is very pretty, with hidden coves and an island, and backed by a high-sloped foothill ridge.
Lake Chabot Marina where visitors can rent paddle boats, row boats, canoe or kayak or get on tour boats to
cruise the beautiful lake. Boats with electric trolling motors are also allowed.

People enjoying paddle boat.
遊客在湖中泛舟,垂釣, 湖水蕩漾,別有一番湖光山色。

Some people enjoy fishing from the boats. The record catches in Lake Chabot were a 19-pounder largemouth
bass, a 22.4-pounder rainbow trout, a 35-pounder catfish and a 45-pounder sturgeon. It’s one of the handful of
lakes that still grows giant fish.
白雲,天光雲影共徘徊, 富有秀美如詩如畫的神韻, 令人難忘的碧藍和純淨,使人沉醉

Fantastic views of nature at its best.

Lake Chabot Reservoir was built in 1875 time frame originally as a primary source of water for the East Bay.
The 315-acre lake was closed to recreation for 91 years. Legislation passed in the 1960s opened the lake for
controlled recreational uses. Currently, the lake serves as a standby emergency water supply.
The Marina Cafe features a restaurant that serves snacks, breakfast, and lunch. The Marina Cafe also offers
a well-stocked bait and tackle shop.
Some people are fishing from several fishing piers.
The 315-acre Lake Chabot is stocked with trout and catfish. There are also bass, crappie, and other fish. A
popular event is the annual spring fishing derby.

Nice scenic West Shore Trail for hiking, biking, jogging or leisure strolling along the lake shore. Several
benches at quiet spots to sit, to enjoy the view and to meditate.
The sign says if we want to walk around the entire Lake Chabot, it is 9 miles and takes 3 to 4 hours.

We hiked for about one and half hour enjoying the beautiful views of the lake and many visitors' activities on the
Many visitors put on life jackets and are getting on the tour boat at the marina for the boat tour of Lake Chabot.

In addition to the many recreational activities on the lake, many people are enjoying picnic, BBQ, frisbee, volley
ball, etc. near the marina area and parking area. It also has a playground for children and open air gym where
young and adults can do some exercise. Many people love and enjoy this beautiful and wonderful family
oriented park.
遠遠望去,舊金山海灣宏偉大橋 巍然矗立,雄渾壯美,氣勢磅礴, 大橋後面遠方的山頭

Fantastic view of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the famous San Francisco fog on the other side of
Bay Bridge. We enjoyed such fantastic view when we were driving on Fairmont Drive going uphill to Fairmont
Ridge about 0.6 miles (at about 2081 Fairmont Drive, San Leandro, CA) before reaching the entrance gate of
Lake Chabot Regional Park. This is on the west side of Fairmont Ridge and has good visibility of the San
Francisco Bay while Lake Chabot is in the canyon on the east side of Fairmont Ridge.

More photos of the famous fog at Golden Gate Bridge and in San Francisco Bay as seen from Sausalito are
on my web page at:

舊金山海灣, 擁有得天獨厚的美景,盡情的徜徉於青山碧海藍天之中。

More views of San Francisco Bay as viewed on Fairmont Drive on west side of Fairmont Ridge.
These pictures of San Francisco Bay were taken in the afternoon at about 3:30 PM when I was facing the sun,
which is not ideal condition for landscape photography.

I may come here again in a morning when the sun is behind me so that I may get even better pictures of San
Francisco Bay, or may be at sunset time to get fantastic golden sunset views.
Some people come here for annual family reunion. There are so many options to enjoy this awesome lake and  
park. The scenery is gorgeous, grounds well kept and the restrooms are clean and well maintained. It's exactly
what people living the city life needs.
湖上和風拂面,清爽宜人,靜悄悄的湖岸步道, 領略它的恬靜與浪漫情。

The well shaded West Shore Trail. It rises and falls in gentle climbs and descents, with big lake views to your
right. You pass Coot Landing, the lookout for the bald eagles and a shoreline fishing spot.

There are also other different hiking trails going up hill for different levels of challenges.
遊客蕩舟其間,綠蔭底下看遊船, 待客輕舟缓缓行。

Some Canada geese and ducks on the lake. A pair of bald eagles also live in this area.
一湖碧水微泛漣漪,小船悠悠,扁舟漂流, 飄在清澈的湖水上曬太陽,發呆,無比愜

It is so nice to float leisurely on a boat.
乘遊船繞湖一周, 心曠神怡。
清澈如斯, 駕一葉小舟,波光微瀾, 詩意如畫 !
由山頂俯瞰遠眺舊金山海灣風景區,沿岸藍天白雲下的風光, 這裡涼風徐徐、景色幽
WE came to Lake Chabot again on October 21, 2018 and happily found that the lake side hiking trail is now
nicely paved.
Beautiful arch and wood shade along the lake side paved hiking trail.
People fishing on the lake.
Two of several cormorants at Lake Chabot.
Several mallards at Lake Chabot.
We hiked 1.7 miles from Lake Chabot Marina to reach the top of the Chabot Dam in this picture.  Lake
Chabot was formed by the damming of San Leandro Creek. The construction of the Chabot Dam creating the
beautiful reservoit/lake was completed in 1875 to serve as a primary source of water for the East Bay.

A map of Lake Chabot Regional Park can be seen
The overflow Spillway of Chabot Dam behind the security fence. A better view of the Spillway can be seen
More views of beautiful Lake Chabot.