A Tour of Los Angeles, California During
Christmas-New Year Holiday Season
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夕陽西下,暮色中閃耀金光, 一片紅雲映晚霞, 如夢亦如幻的意境, 景色絕美。

Fantastic sunset views over the Pacific Ocean from the home of a relative on Via Goleta, in Parlos Verdes
Estates (PVE) on the mountain slope in southern part of Los Angeles in California. I came to Los Angeles from
December 29, 2012 to January 2, 2013 to attend the wedding of a relative on December 31, 2012. It was very
nice to meet many relatives and to tour some interesting places in Los Angeles during the Christmas-New Year
Holiday season.
Gorgeous red camellia in Descanso Gardens located at 1418 Descanso Drive, La Cañada Flintridge 91011
near the San Gabriel mountains in north central part of Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area. It is a 20-
minute drive from downtown Los Angeles. Descanso Gardens is a 150 acres botanical garden and is home to
North America’s largest camellia collection with more than 10,000 camellia plants growing under the shade of  
huge oak tree forests. It has been designated an International Camellia Garden of Excellence by the
International Camellia Society.

I toured Descanso Gardens on December 31, 2012 to enjoy dazzling floral display in winter in this garden.
More beautiful camellias in Descanso Gardens.
A group of pelicans flying over Redondo Beach Pier. I toured Redondo Beach Pier on December 30, 2012 and
January 2, 2013 to enjoy bird watching and sampling seafood on Fishermans Wharf. Redondo Beach Pier is
located at the junction of Torrance Blvd. and George Ferth Way in Redondo Beach, CA 90277.

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Redondo Beach Pier
A pelican flying low over the roof top at Redondo Beach Pier.
Many fishermen fishing on Redondo Beach Pier. There are also many pigeons, seagulls and other birds on or
near Redondo Beach Pier.
Many pelicans and cormorants on the jetty near Redondo Beach Pier.
Zoom in on many pelicans and gulls on the jetty.
Zoom in on many cormorants on the jetty near Redondo Beach Pier.
Two pelicans standing on the Fish Cleaning Station attracting tourists to take close up pictures of the pelicans.
The Fish Cleaning Station on Redondo Beach Pier is for fishermen to clean their fish and bait. Several pelicans
often stay near this Fish Cleaning Station to get easy free meals.
Pelicans often flying-gliding just above water surface.
More beautiful camellias in Descanso Gardens.
A pelican in flight near Redondo Beach Pier.
A heron standing on the roof of Fishermans Wharf near Fish Cleaning Station also waiting for easy free meals.
A night heron also stands on the roof near Fish Cleaning Station waiting for easy free meals.
Some sea lions on the buoy base and some sea lions in the water near the buoy.
While touring Descanso Gardens, I saw a hawk circling in the sky above the gardens.
Visitors love the opportunity to spot the carps, ducks, herons, egrets, and more from the bird-watching station
overlooking the lake in Descanso Gardens. A network of paved walkways takes you (and your stroller) through
landscaped camellia garden, lilac garden, rose garden, California Native Garden, iris garden, tranquil
Japanese Zen Garden, forests of oak and redwood, past waterfalls, water lily pond,  lakes, and a bird
One of several kinds of birds seen in the lake in  Descanso Gardens.
There were many buds of camellias when I visited the garden on December 31, 2012. I realized that I was too
early and only about 5% of the camellia plants were blooming in December. I asked the local people and they
told me that the peak season for camellias is in February during the Camellia Festival. Therefore, I may visit
this garden again during the February Camellia Festival in a future year when the 10,000 camellia plants are in
full bloom.

Many relatives and I enjoyed delicious Chinese dinner in the Sea Shore Chinese Restaurant in Torrance in Los
Angeles, CA. After the dinner, we drove to the nearby community of Seaside to enjoy fantastic Sleepy Hollow
Christmas Lights Extravaganza along several streets and on many houses. This area of several streets is
AMAZING!!! It really feels like you are transported to a magical place where achieving the holiday spirit is the
goal. Many visitors drove their cars slowly through this area to enjoy the spectacular displays. Many other
visitors in winter warm coats were walking on the streets. The walking experience is much more immersive and
stress free. It was a wonderful way to spend a holiday night in Los Angeles and go home with pictures and
This is not simply a street or two.  It's a fairly large area, in which almost every home is decorated, and many
with homemade, hand painted decorations.  Since this is the first time that I toured this area at night, I might
not have covered all the streets with such Christmas lighting displays. Some of the streets that I remember in
this area in Seaside community in Torrance are: Sharynne Ln, Reeds Rd, Carol Dr., Linda Dr., Mayor Drive,
Pacific Coast Highway,  etc.

A video entitled "Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights Extravaganza" can be seen at the following YouTube website:

This neighborhood is covered with the mature Chinese Elm trees that stretch and arch almost all the way
across the streets.  Virtually all of the residents decorate their tree with lights extending up to the branches, so
when you're walking or driving through, it's as if you are passing through a tunnel of lights. TONS of lights. It's
so pretty! Many residents spend the evening in their driveway with a warm fire, and welcome passersby to
stop by and chat. This is one of those places that really gets you into the Christmas spirit. Turn on your MP3
collection of Xmas songs to really get in the spirit as you are driving slowly.
A whole community with hundreds of houses lit up! Simply awesome. It is worth the drive. It's one of the few
places that really makes Christmas feel magical!  It made me... oh so happy and oh so joyful!  
Another pelican on Redondo Beach Pier near fishermen waiting for easy free meals.
One of many seafood shacks and restaurants on Fishermans Wharf in Redondo Beach Pier. We enjoyed lunch
in a Korean seafood restaurant. The waiter gave every customer a large bibs to wear in front of the chest and
a wood hammer to crack open the large dungeon crabs, craws and legs. It was an interesting seafood lunch
夕陽無限好, 日落雲彩撼人心弦。

Point Vicente Lighthouse on the beautiful cliff above the Pacific Ocean at Point Vicente in Rancho Palos
Verdes, California. It is the one place in Los Angeles that actually has cliffs and offers spectacular views of
cliffs, coves, the ocean, rocky shore, Catalina Island, sunset and of course, the beautiful Lighthouse.

In whale migration season from December through mid-May, about 10 % of more than 20,000 migrating
whales are hugging the shore line and are visible from the shore, especially from the cliffs. Therefore, during
the whale migrating seasons, many people come here for whale watching.  It is the western most point in this
area, so it's the best place for whale watching without getting on a boat. There is a Whale Festival here in mid-

Come on the first sunny day after a storm to see the haze-free views all the way from Catalina Island to Santa
Monica Bay.
The hiking trail with safety guard rail on the beautiful cliff at Point Vicente in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. It
is the perfect place to park, take a stroll, breathe in some fresh ocean air and whale watch. There are several
benches along the route to sit down, relax and take in the views. On a calm day during whale migration
season, it is easy to spot the whale spouts. The views of the ocean and sunset are spectacular.
The stunning view of the Portuguese Point, Abalone Cove and Pacific Ocean from the garden in Wayfarers
Chapel located at 5755 Palos Verdes Dr S, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 on cliffs above the Pacific
Ocean. It is a very beautiful shore line with cliffs in Los Angeles.

Great views of the Pacific Ocean from here near Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles Founder's Park.