Natural Lawnmower in California by using
Hundreds of Goats to Mow the Lawn
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Natural Lawnmower in California by using a large herd of hundreds of goats to eat the grass (mow the
lawn) on hilly residential areas in Fremont in San Francisco Bay area. One of the purposes of such
program is to reduce the incidents of wildfire on the hills in California in the dry seasons.
It was fun watching these hundreds of goats in action serving as the natural lawnmower in California.

The winter between 2016 and 2017 has been a very raining winter in California. The grass has grown very
green, juicy and tall. On March 4, 2017, two workers drove two double-decker trucks carrying hundreds of
goats and were releasing these goats from the trucks into the fenced large lawn area for these goats to start
mowing the tall and juicy grass on hilly residential areas in Fremont, California. I took a movie clip of such goat
releasing process as shown on the following YouTube website:

Three more views of the large herd of hundreds of goats as the natural lawnmower in the hilly residential areas.
These pictures and movie clips were taken on May 22, 2016.
Zoom in for close up views of three large male goats. (My compact super-zoom camera has 65X optical zoom)
A baby goat is sucking milk from the mother goat.

I took several movie clips of baby goats sucking milk from mother goats and connected them into a movie as
shown in the following YouTube movie at:


Notice on this movie that the baby goat (1) is wiggling the tail when it is enjoying sucking the milk, and (2)
sucks the milk not in a gentle manner but in a strong push and lunge up and forward on the mother goat.

I had seen the similar behavior of two baby deer sucking milk from a mother deer in my tour of Canadian
Rockies several years ago as shown on my web page at:

Some male goats were chasing female goats to mate as shown on the following YouTube movie:

Broader views of hundreds of goats eating the grass on the hilly residential area.
Due to the heavy rain in the winter between 2016 and 2017, the grass on March 4, 2017 as shown on this
picture is much greener and taller than those on May 22, 2016 as shown above.
The goats are working on the steeper slopes of Antelope Hill in Fremont.