Orchid Show in Holmdel, New Jersey
Sponsored by Deep Cut Orchid Society
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It is that exciting time of the year again. The Annual Orchid Show sponsored by the Deep Cut Orchid Society
takes place for 4 days in either the first week or the second week of February every year in the state-of-the-art
11,000 square-foot large greenhouse of Dearborn Market at 2170 Rt 35 south, Holmdel, New Jersey 07733 (at
the corner of Highway 35 South and Centerville Road in Holmdel).

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Dearborn Market

It offers stunning exotic vivid and colorful orchid displays to look at in every direction. It is a very popular event
for people to enjoy being surrounded by so many beautiful orchid and to buy beautiful orchid. Many visitors
bring their cameras, large and small, and are all busily clicking on so many beautiful flowers. Dearborn Market
also sells cold sandwich, salad and warm chicken potpie. There are chairs and small tables in the large
greenhouse for quests to sit down to eat snack or sandwich.

More information on Deep Cut Orchid Society and this annual Orchid Show is available at the following




The sample photos that I took in 2010, 2011 and 2014 are presented on this web page.
婀娜多姿,如此驕艷如此風情,火熱魅力, 迷漫著濃郁的浪漫風

Spectacular! The Orchid Show is a feast for the eyes. It is mind-blowing orchid display. Simply Gorgeous! A
mosaic of classic and exotic orchids greets visitors. Immerse yourself in an effusion of blooming brilliantly
colored orchids. The large greenhouse of Dearborn Market in Holmdel explodes with orchids in an amazing
array of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. There is tremendous color diversity, from the palest cream to
fire orange and all shades in between. It is photographer's dream. This is the place where I come back to
again and again for the romantic Orchid Show. It is such a pleasure that you want to enjoy not just once.
讀萬卷書    行萬里路

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白的無暇,輕淡幽雅, 別有一番韻味, 富有詩意。
熱情如火,嫣紅嬌豔, 姿態撩人,讓人們陶醉其中, 攝影者繞著

Insanely provocative.
艷麗色彩,風情萬種, 美得令人屏息讚嘆。

吐露芳華,迷人的色彩, 姿態優美,別有情趣。
從容優雅,有一種詩情畫意的柔美, 加上瀰漫的淡淡幽香。
怒放的花朵,色彩鮮艷亮麗, 觸動著人們的浪漫情懷, 品味生命中
的美好時刻 。
繽紛燦爛,嫵媚多姿,美妙姿態, 華麗的畫面。
雍容華貴,繽紛浪漫,掩映之間盡是風情, 令人流連忘返。

The orchid show is a sea of warm color, flush with the reds, whites, yellows, and pinks
 of many blooming
flowers. It showcases so many orchids in all its amazing forms and brilliant colors. It brings visitors into this
exotic world with so many gorgeous orchids competing for every available inch of space. Orchids are
endlessly fascinating. It is magical, mysterious, sensational and seductive. A riot of color and fragrance.
The spectacular orchid show is a romantic date destination.
如彩虹般多采多姿, 視覺的饗宴。
與眾不同,脫俗獨特風格,洋溢蓬勃生機,堪稱絕妙 。

A lovely place to walk and enjoy a huge range of colours.
清淡高雅, 別有一番韻味。

Simple and elegant.
A riot of color and fragrance.
Gorgeous colors.
Romantic display of vibrant colors.
Absolutely delightful!
Draperies of Spanish Moss often provide charming background in orchid show.