Fantastic Panoramic Views from Top of
Twin Lights high on Hill in Highlands in New Jersey
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Fantastic panoramic view from the top of Twin Lights (lighthouses) high on the hill in Highlands in New
Jersey.  It is located at 2 Light House Rd, Highlands, New Jersey 07732, Phone: 732-872-1814. The Twin
Lights are a pair of lighthouse beacons located 246 feet above sea level, which is one of the highest places
on the eastern seaboard of USA. They are known as the “Twin Lights of Highlands” to generations of
mariners who relied on it as the primary navigational light for navigating the entrance to New York Harbor.

From here, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of Sandy Hook Bay, the historical structures and topography
of Gateway National Recreation Area (Sandy Hook), Raritan Bay, Shrewsbury River, New York Skyline, the
Verrazano Narrows Bridge, the entrance to the New York Harbor, cruise ships leaving New York Harbor,
Long Island and the Atlantic Ocean. The fabulous view is 360 degrees. It is so beautiful!

Please scroll horizontally to enjoy the full panoramic view, and scroll down to see more panoramic pictures.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Twin Lights State Historic Site.
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The twin lighthouse towers are octagonal in shape. So, I moved to the next octagonal face for a slightly
different amazing panoramic view. The views are priceless on a clear day.

Twin Lights holds a prominent place in American maritime history as the first lighthouse to use the Fresnel
lens. It was one of the brightest navigational lights ever used in the United States. The first Fresnel Lens in
an American Lighthouse in 1841. The first First Order Lens to be fueled by kerosene in 1883. The first
electrically powered light house in 1898. This new First Order bivalve lens also made it the most powerful
beacon in America.

Below the hill in front of the Twin Lights is the little Hamlet town of Highlands!

A highly automated way for taking panoramic pictures by using Android based smart phones or tablets is
described at the following web page:

A closer view of the Plum Island with lagoons in southern part of Sandy Hook.

The Twin Lights site is also the birthplace of commercial wireless communication. It was here that
Guglielmo Marconi placed a receiving station to demonstrate the wireless telegraph in 1899. This
demonstration worked so well he expanded his operations, making Twin Lights the nation's first wireless
telegraph station capable of sending and receiving messages on a regular commercial basis.

The United States Army also saw the value of using Twin Lights as a test site for experimental
electronics. In the 1920's and 30's, various radar devices, developed at nearby Ft. Monmouth, were
tested here.
The Sign of Twin Lights Historic Site on the parking lot at the backside of Twin Lights high on a hill.
The backside of Twin Lights as viewed from the parking lot. It is almost like a castle. The two lighthouse
towers are 73 feet tall on top of the hill.

The north light tower can be climbed from inside with 64 steps on a narrow spiral stairs to the top to see the
panoramic view. The stairs are very steep and narrow, especially near the top. For a big person, it can be a
very tight squeeze near the top of the spiral stairs.

Admission is Free.
Beautiful panoramic view from Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook located at 460 Ocean Boulevard, Atlantic
Highlands, New Jersey 07716, Phone: (732) 872-0336. It is about 1.5 miles northwest of Twin Lights. At 266
feet above sea level, Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook is the highest point on the Atlantic Seaboard of USA.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing the location of Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook.

I tried and practiced the use of the panoramic feature of Nexus 10 tablet at both Mount Mitchill Scenic
Overlook and Twin Lights on the same afternoon of May 30, 2014.
It is worthwhile to come with your binoculars or telescope or long focal lens for your dSLR camera or compact
super-zoom camera to get closer views of many interesting features in this sweeping panorama. On a clear day
you can literally see the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Coney Island, and Rockaway, even
the control tower of JFK airport! Absolutely stunning view! Some examples are shown on my web page at:


Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook and Twin Lights are the most romantic areas in all of Monmouth County in New
Jersey. This is the place to take your visitors - they just get the greatest impression of the Jersey Shore once
they've been to the Twin Lights and Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook.

After visiting these two romantic sites, go over the bridge to visit Sandy Hook National Gateway Recreational
Area. There is a restaurant with ocean view, bike paths, a couple nice beaches, a decommissioned US Army
base (Fort Hancock), a boardwalk and observation platforms for bird watching and another lighthouse you can
visit. The little towns of Highlands and Atlantic Highlands also offer nice seafood restaurants and fantastic sunset
cruise on Sandy Hook Bay, Raritan Bay, Navesink River and Shreswbury River. The nearby Navesink River is
also very beautiful, especially at sunset time and Hartshorne Woods is great for hiking.

The annual 4-day Clam Festival usually takes place in the first weekend of August in a park bounded by Bay
Avenue & Waterwitch Avenue & Shore Drive in Highland, New Jersey near Sandy Hook Bay. It is a spectacular
event featuring an outdoor food court serving the freshest succulent seafood (from many of Highlands’ famous
restaurants), BBQ tent, novelty food, beer & wine/sangria garden, live entertainment, specialty vendors, thrill
rides, games & more. The website of the Clam Festival is at:


In winter season, one can see seals sunbathing on the sand bars in Sandy Hook Bay and many seabirds in
action in this area as shown on my web page at:


In Spring season one can see many bird activities in this area as shown on my web page at:


In spring season, one can also enjoy watching gannets, the champion of diving, in action on Sandy Hook Bay as
shown on my web page at:


In last two weeks of May, one can see some horseshoe crabs and birds in action on the beach of Plum Island of
Sandy Hook as shown on my web page at:


A fantastic scenic overlook of Allamuchy-Panther Valley in New Jersey is at the following web page:

The historical Fresnel lens of the lighthouse is on display in this small museum behind the Twin Light building.
The Fresnel lens on the lighthouse produced very powerful light beam (beacon) that could be seen more than
20 miles away on the ocean.
I went inside the small museum to get a closer view of the Fresnel lens on display.
This is the map of Sandy Hook Bay on the Interpretive Display on Mt. Mitchill Scenic Overlook Park. It
indicates that on a clear day, visitors at Mt. Mitchill Scenic Overlook may see the Control Tower of J.F.K.
Airport on Long Island.