Pillar Point Harbor at
Half Moon Bay
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Many people enjoying the beautiful Surfer Beach and Mirada Surf Beach along scenic Highway 1 at the
northern end of Half Moon Bay in California on the sunny Sunday of October 25, 2020. These beautiful
beaches are about 20 miles south of San Francisco.

After Shelter-in-place for several months due to Covid-19, from time to time, many people including me all have
the urge to leave the home for a few hours to go outdoor to enjoy wide open space. So, we drove for about
one hour to come to Pillar Point Harbor areas at the northern part of Half Moon Bay to enjoy fantastic views of
wide open Pacific Ocean, beaches, waves and lots of interesting activities of people and many seabirds.
Many people are enjoying surfing on the waves near these surf beaches.
Many people are enjoying kayaking in Pillar Point Harbor surrounded by harbor jetty at the northern end of Half
Moon Bay.
Many people are enjoying Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Pillar Point Harbor.
This is the place in Pillar Point Harbor where visitors can rent kayaks and Stand-Up Paddle Boards.
There are also many pelicans, cormorants, seagulls and other birds in Pillar Point Harbor.
Many pelicans, cormorants and seagulls are also on the top and the side of harbor jetties.

In a previous trip, I saw a fishing boat coming back into Pillar Point Harbor and thousands of sea birds on the
long jetties all took off into the air and formed a spectacular dense swarm of sea birds surrounding and
following the fishing boat coming into the harbor. It was a fantastic welcome party to welcome the fishing boat
coming back into the harbor.

The photos and a movie clip of a similar big swarm of seabirds surrounding and following a shrimp boat coming
back from Atlantic Ocean into St. Johns River near Jacksonville in Florida can be seen on my website
I took a movie clip of these people and pelicans in action on Pillar Point Harbor as shown in the following
YouTube website:


I also took a movie scan of many birds on harbor jetties surrounding Pillar Point Harbor as shown in the
following YouTube website:

Pelicans often fly very low just above the water surface.
Many people buying pumpkins on a farm along Highway 92 and on another farm along Highway 1.
While driving on San Mateo Bridge, we saw a group of pelicans flying high above San Francisco Bay.

Photos and movie clips of thousands of shorebirds in action on San Francisco Bay Shore at Foster City near
San Mateo Bridge can be seen on my website
While driving on Highway 92, it was very nice to see the clean blue water of Crystal Springs Reservoir. The
clean water in this reservoir comes from Yosemite National Park through 160 miles of Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct
as shown on a map
In addition to the people on the beach and the surfers on the waves, some pelicans were also cruising along
the shore and plunge diving from mid-air down into the water to catch fish.
Some people riding horses in the farm areas with lots of pumpkins.
We enjoy coming to Pillar Point Harbor areas since it takes only one hour driving for us to come here. More
photos and stories of my previous trips to Pillar Point Harbor can be seen on my website
One of many fishing boats in Pillar Point Harbor.
In late October, the side walls along Highway 92 in Hayward also become quite colorful and beautiful.
The Half Moon Bay (HMB) Kayak Co. in Pillar Point Harbor.
The take-out window of The Princeton Seafood Company and Restaurant near Johnson Pier in Pillar Point
Harbor is very popular among visitors with very delicious seafood. We enjoyed very much the crab cake
sandwich, lobster roll, rock fish sandwich and clam chowder from this take-out window. The seafood
sandwiches have plenty of fresh and crunchy salad in addition to delicious fish.
Visitors can enjoy the delicious seafood either on the nearby outdoor picnic tables or inside their own cars in the
parking lots just behind the restaurant or in front of the restaurant.
Visitors enjoying delicious seafood sandwiches around the outdoor picnic tables.
The parking lot just behind The Princeton Seafood Company and Restaurant.
Crystal Springs Reservoir as viewed on February 8, 2021.
Sam's Chowder House seafood restaurant along Hwy 1 (4210 N. Cabrillo Hwy, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019)
near Pillar Point Harbor. Fantastic outdoor ocean front dining overlooking Pacific Ocean and Pillar Point
Harbor. See several photos
The Pillar Point Air Force Radar Tracking Station on the top of Pillar Point Bluff above the harbor.
Outdoor dining and the parking lot in front of The Princeton Seafood Company and Restaurant.
More outdoor picnic tables and benches behind the restaurants.
One of several fishing boats on Johnson Pier with live Dungeness crabs for sale.
More fishing boats on Johnson Pier with live Dungeness crabs and other fresh fish for sale.
A seabird on the harbor on February 8, 2021.
A seal in the harbor on February 8, 2021.