Prunus mume Blossoms (梅 花) are
Blooming in Early Spring
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There are several young Prunus mume trees (梅 花, or MeiHua, Prunus [genus name] mume [species name])
on the front yard and the back yard of my home in New Jersey, USA. There have been many flower buds on
these young trees in this winter of 2010 with several heavy snow storms. Some of these flower buds started to
bloom in the week of March 8, 2010 when there were still lots of snow on the ground followed by a severe rain
and wind storm.

One of the cherished virtues of Prunus mume blossom is that it is one of the earliest flower trees to bloom in
very early spring season when the weather is usually still very cold or even snowing. In the second and the third
week of March, 2010, I did not see any other kinds of blooming flowers in my neighborhood except the
blooming Prunus mume blossom on my yard.

Chinese songs and poems often associate Prunus mume blossom with snow and cold weather:

“百花誰敢雪中開,梅花獨領天下春”, 踏雪尋梅,  梅花傲霜鬥雪,
冠領群芳,  迎雪吐艷,冰肌玉骨、凌寒飄香,鐵骨冰心,在嚴寒中,
梅開百花之先,獨天下而春, 因此梅常被民間作為傳春報喜的吉祥象
徵, 它以清雅俊逸的風度使古今詩人畫家為它讚美,文學藝術史上,
賞花惜花,梅詩、梅畫數量之多,足以令任何一種 花卉都望塵莫及。

雪裡香梅,先報春來早。蝶戀花, 歐陽修

雪 裡已知春信至,寒梅點綴瓊枝膩。 漁家傲 李清照

On March 20, 2010, more than 50% of the buds on these young Prunus mume trees on my yard are blooming
and it is a nice spring sunny day with blue sky, so I went outside to take some pictures of these blooming
beautiful Prunus mume blossom as shown on this web page.
One of several bees working on the Prunus mume blossom on the early spring day of March 20, 2010.
These bees help to turn these beautiful flowers into many delicious Prunus mume fruits (梅果) by the

I thank Gloria Chao, Gary Wen and May Lee for giving me these baby P
runus mume trees and seedling in
last few years. Three of them are now tall enough on my yard to show blooming beautiful Prunus
mume blossom.

Four more baby prunus mume trees on my yard are each protected by a plastic mesh fence because
deer, rabbits and ground hog love to eat their leaves.
花朵茂盛,多采多姿,顏色濃豔, 如火如荼的怒放, 令人神往

The following photos were taken in the early spring, March 11, of last year, 2009. It was the first year that the
young P
runus mume trees on my back yard show the blossom for the first time and was very exciting
to me.
藍天豔陽下的梅花, 燦若雲霞, 美不勝收!
梅花盛開, 千姿百態,爭奇鬥艷,最具迷人色彩, 大放異彩, 美得
令人屏息讚嘆, 美感極高的境界,一場知覺及視覺的饗宴
The Chinese Scholar's Garden ( 寄 興 園 ) in Staten Island in New York has many mature Prunus mume
trees which are usually also in full bloom in March as shown on my Travelogue web page at:


More of my photos of Prunus mume blossom blooming on sunny days in early spring are at the
following web page:

豔麗光彩奪目的梅花, 嫩黃細長挺拔的花蕊
The Prunus mume blossom (梅花) were blooming in March. By April, the Prunus mume blossoms had faded
away and now become fruits/seedlings (梅果) as shown in this picture taken on April 12. These fruits are
still small, about the size of a peanut. These small fruits/seedings will grow to their mature size in next two
By May 16, these fruits/seedlings (梅果)have grown up to about the size of a thumb.

When I planted my first baby Plunus mume tree in 2006, all the leaves were gone within one week. Apparently
the leaves of the young Prunus mume are very delicious to deer, rabbit and ground hog. Therefore, I have to
install a 3-foot tall plastic fence to protect the baby Prunus mume trees when they are still very young and
Prunus mume blossoms and buds love snow and cold weather in early spring. Please enjoy the photos of
Prunus mume blossoms and buds in heavy snow on my web page at:

By June 17, the upper parts of these fruits (成熟的梅果)become more reddish in color but the sizes of
the fruits are not much bigger than those on May 16.
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In the winter, especially after heavy snow storm with heavy snow covering the ground for many days, there
are no green leaves for deer to eat. Some hungry deer in the winter will strip and eat the bark/skin of the
skinny trunk of the young Prunus mume tree. Therefore, I have to leave the plastic fence on to protect the
trunk bark even after this young Prunus mume tree has grown up to more than 7 feet tall.