Spawning Salmons (鮭魚產卵) on
Vancouver Island in Western Canada
A nice view at Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island in Western Canada. We enjoyed the tour of
beautiful Vancouver Island in western Canada in November 2004 as shown on this web page.
A hiking trail in Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island

Map:Click here to see Google Map showing location of Pacific Rim National Park

Beautiful and tranquil Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Sproat Lake

Tranquil!! Woods with moss near Goldstream in Goldstream Provincial Park. Massive 600 year old trees
grace the lush rain forest as one walks along the trail from the parking lot to the
Nature House.

Another Lake
We saw large number of mature salmons coming back from Pacific Ocean to their birth places to spawn on
shallow gravel stream in Goldstream Provincial Park. These mature salmons are big, about 2 to 3 feet, and
probably weigh more than 10 pounds each as shown in the following photos:
水淺流急, 河水清澈透明,魚游水中,歷歷可見,百鮭爭流, 河床布

Many Salmons on Shallow River of Goldstream with Gravel River Bed.  This photo is by May Lee.

Goldstream Provincial Park is known for the annual salmon runs in fall season in the Goldstream River, and the
large numbers of bald eagles that congregate to feed at that time. This park is only 19 Km west of Victoria.
The Goldstream river is very close to Trans-Canada Highway 1 and is easily accessible.
Salmons with Exposed Upper Fins in Shallow Stream
水下爭鬥, 雌鮭魚為搶占合適的產卵地盤會發生爭鬥。

Two (probably Female) salmon are fighting for good nesting spot to lay eggs.

Two (Probably Male) Salmons Making a Big Splash in Fighting (For a Female ?)

On our Alaska trip in August 2009, we saw red (sockeye) salmon, King Salmon and other kinds of salmon at
several places in Alaska as shown on my Travelogue web pages at:


After they spawned, these large salmon die. Many birds (seagulls, bald eagles, etc.) are here for their annual
feast of salmons. These birds are considered as the clean-up crew to clean out the spawned-out Pacific
salmon. This photo is by May Lee.
One of many bald eagles on the trees near the Goldstream for annual feast of salmon. Bring your binoculars
as the bald eagles also soar overhead. You can see soaring Eagles many times, and wild salmon fighting
upstream during spawning season.
An immature bald eagle on a tree near the Goldstream – the feathers on the head and the tail do not turn Into
white color until 4 years old.

There is an old gold mine  shaft near Goldstream as indicated
here and here.
The Pacific salmons swim through some beautiful rivers like this one (Stamp River) and the beautiful Sproat
Lake shown above to reach their birth places to spawn.
However, the Pacific salmon also have to face the challenge of swimming up this Cascade Water Falls on
Stamp River to reach their birth places to spawn. The concrete structure on the right side is part of the fish
ladder described in the following.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Stamp River Provincial Park
Cascade Water Falls on Stamp River Is a severe test of the strength of Pacific salmons – Only very strong
salmons can swim up such cascade waterfalls. When we stood on the top of the gorge looking down into the
Cascade Water Falls on the Stamp River, the thundering cascade water falls look and sound very powerful,
angry and dangerous as a sharp contrast to the beautiful and peaceful Sproat Lake in a previous picture
Only very strong salmons with
sufficient stamina can swim up this
thundering cascade water falls with
30 feet of vertical drop on the Stamp

Canadian People built a Fish Ladder
on one side to make it easier for
salmons to swim up this Cascade
Water Falls on Stamp River.   This
photo is by May Lee
A view of the upper part of the fish ladder next to the cascade waterfalls

We also saw fish ladders for salmons on
Columbia River in Washington State and in Newfoundland in eastern
Bubbling Pool at Bottom of Cascade Water Falls – This photo is by May Lee

An interactive tourist map showing many points of interest to tourists on Vancouver Island is available at:


The entrance to the day-use area is near the junction of Trans-Canada Hwy 1 and Finlayson Arm Road. On
Google Map, this destination is marked as Gold Stream Salmon Run Turn Off.

Goldstream Park Freeman King Visitor Centre is located at 2930 Trans Canada Hwy. RR# 6 Victoria, BC
V9B 5T9. On Google Map, this Visitor Center is marked as RLC Park Services. On Google Map, Goldstream
Nature House is located at: 3400 Trans-Canada Hwy, Victoria, BC V9B 6H6, Canada.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Goldstream Provincial Park
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秋高氣爽,數百萬的鮭魚從太平洋回游到它們出生溪流, 溪水悠
慢舞或逆流飛動,神采飛揚, 卵石游魚清晰可數, 蔚為奇觀!

Goldstream Provincial Park has a world-class salmon spawning stream with thousands of Chum Salmon
returning each year.  In Goldstream, salmon appear about mid-October, and may be seen for about nine
weeks until mid December, the dates varying from year to year. YouTube video on salmon run on Goldstream
can be seen
here, here and here.
夢之森林,光影漫步, 美妙自然景觀。

Trees, trees and more trees. Gorgeous trees along the stream make for a very beautiful walk. Enjoy nature
at it's best.
讀萬卷書    行萬里路

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