Spectacular Autumn Foliage (秋之色)
in New Hampshire
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紅葉,如此燦爛美景, 我為這樣的畫面陶醉著。

We drove from New Jersey to New Hampshire on Monday, October 10, 2016 (Columbus Day) to enjoy
the autumn foliage at their peak during the second week of October. We arrived at the hotel of Inn at
Sunset Hill located at 231 Sunset Hill Road, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire 03586 at about 4 PM. Sugar Hill
is a hilltop hamlet named for its abundance of sugar maples. Sugar Hill is also home to an annual lupine
festival each June with vast fields of intensely purple lupine flowers in full bloom. Lupines are everywhere
in June. The hills are alive with the sound of music. It is Heaven on earth. It’s a photographer’s dream.
They attract many visitors to stroll through the fields to enjoy the beautiful lupines. The poet Robert Frost
had a homestead in this hamlet and where he spent nineteen summers.

The ridgetop location of this hotel and its vicinity provide fantastic panoramic views of autumn foliage on
the nearby mountains, especially at sunset time. At about 6 PM, the golden sunset casts a warm glow on
the autumn foliage on the mountains yielding incredibly spectacular views as shown in these four pictures.
今年十月第二週是 New Hampshire 紅葉色彩達到巔峰的時候, 夕陽和紅楓相映成趣的迷

In this Columbus Day Foliage, the whole landscape comes aflame. Through these glowing forests, it is a
magical time of the year and an experience to remember.
蔓延到天際邊,奇世的色彩, 因其漂亮豐富的秋色而成為全球最令人嚮往的十大經典自

The leaves burst into flames of reds, oranges, and yellows along the 34-mile Kancamagus Scenic Byway
(Route 112) between Lincoln and Conway in New Hampshire. It is one of the most scenic Autumn roads in the

In addition to the Sugar Hill area, we followed a recommended 110-mile loop for autumn foliage tour in New
Hampshire shown as the red colored loop on the map in the following article. But we did it counter-clockwise
on the loop instead of clockwise as described in the article.

豔陽高照,難得是照相的好日子,幾乎每隔幾分鐘就會路過一個漂亮的景点, 每幾分鐘

The stunning scenery from one of several scenic overlooks and mountain vistas along the Kancamagus
Scenic Byway. They afford great and very colorful mountain views. The spectacular spectrum of autumn
colors play out on nature's grandest stages.

The sequence of scenic overlooks and vistas each with a roadside parking lot along Kancamagus Scenic
Byway from Lincoln going east toward Conway are:

-> Loon Mountain -> Hancock Overlook -> Panoramic Overlook -> Pemi Overlook -> Pemigewasset
Overlook –C L Graham Wangan Overlook (spectacular views from the highest point on the Kancamagus
Scenic Hwy. from near the top of Mount Kancamagus at an elevation of 2,855 feet.) ->  Graham Wangan
Overlook -> Sugar Hill Scenic Vista (with parking area) -> Sabbaday Falls Observation Site (relatively easy
0.3 mile journey to the Falls area )-> Rocky Gorge Scenic Area and Falls Pond-> Lower Falls

The locations of these scenic overlooks and vistas are all marked on Google Map.
漫山紅葉醉遊人, 享受紅葉滿目時的寧靜!
三段式的瀑布, 從停車場步行大約5分鐘。 從兩山間流出的清澈泉水,彎彎曲曲,曲曲彎

Sabbaday Falls is about 0.3 miles from the roadside parking lot along Kancamagus Scenic Byway.
林間小道,濃濃秋意,紛紛飄落的樹葉,鋪滿了一地,積滿落葉, 好像一條五彩斑斕的地

The 0.3-mile hiking trail near a babbling brooks from roadside parking lot to the Sabbaday Falls.
Rocky Gorge Scenic Area along Kancamagus Scenic Byway, a good place to stretch your legs.
The waterfalls in the Rocky Gorge Scenic Area.

The autumn leaves of red and gold as viewed from Sugar Hill Scenic Vista along Kancamagus Scenic Byway.

Autumn makes its mark on these mountains, and in lovely ways: here and there, pockets of vine maples erupt
into a red.
漫山遍野,火紅斑斕, 欣賞秋景要擇時,最是秋意濃,這是攝影者夢寐以求的美麗景點。

Several live webcams at several locations in New Hampshire are accessible on Internet at:


The reports on the status of autumn foliage are also available here and here. In the last week of September
and the first week of October, I accessed these live webcams and autumn foliage status reports almost
everyday. Such information help me to determine that the autumn foliage in the White Mountain Region of New
Hampshire probably will reach peak color during the second week of October around Columbus Day this year.

I also used Expedia to check the availability of hotel rooms in the White Mountain Region during this peak
period. Expedia indicated that many hotels are sold out during such peak period. Therefore, I also made a
hotel room reservation before I drove to New Hampshire on October 10.
山野被翩翩紅葉點染得一派奼紫嫣紅,萬山紅遍,層林盡染,夢幻紅葉絕境之美, 讓人
癡迷和驚歎, 愛拍照的朋友,絕對不能錯過。

Flaming foliage ignites the mountain slopes. Some people said that the moderate drought in northern New
England this year might bring out a strong year for bright and vibrant reds, i.e., bright colors in a drought year,
and the brightest and most consistent colors will be seen on north facing slopes. Some are calling the intensity
the best in years. The region truly rolls out the red foliage carpet during Columbus weekend. (Thanks to my
friend, James Wang, for his help to enhance this picture.)
Many tourists at one of the scenic overlooks along Kancamagus Scenic Byway.
Tour buses bring many tourists here to enjoy the autumn foliage at its peak stage.
Parking lot of another scenic vista point on Kancamagus Scenic Byway.

The grand and majestic Omni Mount Washington Resort Hotel that started its business 114 years ago in 1902.
It is located at 310 Mount Washington Hotel Road, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire 03575. It is off Crawford
Notch Road (Hwy 302).
Before World War II, many nations had been setting up barriers between their economies causing lots of
international trade and economic problems. The United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference was held in
July 1944 at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, where 730 delegates from
forty-four nations created a new international monetary system known as the Bretton Woods system. It was
an unprecedented cooperative effort for nations to establish two new institutions: The International Monetary
Fund (IMF) and The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, now known as the World Bank

The reserve currency system that was established at the Bretton Woods conference is a version of the gold
standard. In this system, one of the world currencies is identified as the reserve currency, and the reserve
currency is pegged to gold. Then all other currencies are pegged to the reserve currency. Between the end of
World War II and the end of the Bretton Woods system in the early 1970s, the US dollar was the reserve
currency; almost every country pegged its currency to the US dollar.
The huge lobby of the Mount Washington Hotel
The large, wide and long porch that wraps around the hotel provides magnificent panoramic views of the
Presidential Range, including Mount Washington, that surround this grand hotel in every direction.
The Mount Washington as viewed from the wrap-around porch of the Mount Washington Hotel. At the peak
elevation of 6,288 feet, Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States.

The Cog Railway that enables the mountain climbing train to climb up to the top of Mount Washington is visible
on the left side of this picture. This was the world's first mountain-climbing cog railway; it opened in 1869, and
it still ascends the highest peak in the Northeast under steam locomotion.
齒眼中, 沿齒軌鐵路慢慢爬到華盛頓山頂峰。

Zoom in for closer views of the Cog Railway on the steep slope of Mount Washington. One can see the  
vintage coach on the steep railway track. (My compact super-zoom camera has 65X optical zoom.)
From the wrap-around porch of Mount Washington Hotel, visitors can enjoy the panoramic views of the
Presidential Range which is a mountain range located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The highest
mountains in the Presidential Range are named principally for U.S. presidents, with the tallest mountain (Mt.
Washington) named for the first president, the second tallest (Mt. Adams) for the second president, and so
on. Among the range's most notable summits are: Mount Washington, Mount Webster, Mt Jackson, Mt
Pierce, Mt Eisenhower, Mt Franklin, Mt Monroe, Mt. Clay, Mt. Jefferson, Mt Sam Adams, Mt Adams, Mt
Quincy Adams, Mt Madison, etc.

I took a movie scan of all these magnificent mountains surrounding this Mount Washington Hotel at the
following YouTube website:


Lower Falls along Kancamagus Scenic Byway.

Mirrored autumn reflections on Saco Lake along Crawford Notch Road (Hwy 302). This is the headwater of
the mighty Saco River.
Waiting line of cars at railroad crossing when we were in Conway. It may be Conway Scenic Railroad-Autumn
Express with many of autumn leaf peeping tourists aboard the old-fashioned but beautiful train.
漫步林間, 享受色彩繽紛的秋天的美景,走在這密林之中,自有一番別樣味道。

Colorful trees above the hiking trail for Sabbaday Falls.
意, 極為雅致。

Nature puts on a brilliant show of colors along Kancamagus Scenic Byway, the bright reds, purples, yellows
oranges and the many hues in between. It is one of the eye-popping drives.
濃濃秋意, 觀紅葉、賞美景,四周五色濱紛,多姿多彩的絢麗秋色,身置其中,如詩如

The whole landscape comes aflame, the forest lights up with color, from bright yellows to vibrant reds, the
leaves erupt into their rich and vibrant hues. So many  gorgeous leaf peeping spots to stop and gaze and
The Interstate Highway 91 (I-91) along the border between New Hampshire and Vermont is also very colorful
and beautiful.

A mosaic of rich colors heralding seasonal change.
那金黃色的樹葉千姿百態, 美麗極了!

Forest lights up with color. Driving through these glowing forests is a fantastic experience to remember.
秋正濃, 眼睛的陶醉!
多姿多彩, 斑斕的秋天, 美麗極了!
Rocky Gorge!
There is a roadside small observation deck on the side of Sunset Hill Road about 200 feet northwest of the Inn
at Sunset Hill for visitors to enjoy such fantastic views. The ridge-top position and the orientation of this
observation deck are perfect to view the warm glow on the north facing mountain slopes illuminated by the
golden sunset during sunset time.

This picture was taken in the morning of October 12 after we checked out of Inn at Sunset Hill and was ready
to drive back to New Jersey. In the morning, there was no warm glow of golden sunset shinning on those
mountain slopes of Cannon Mountain and Mt. Lafayette near Franconia Notch.

Therefore, the timing of sunset time on a clear sunny day with no cloud blockage of golden rays of setting sun
is very important to enjoy the fantastic views on the first four pictures above.
Incredible colors and sights !
Every scenic overlook or vista is marked by such roadside sign and a roadside parking lot so that the tourists
driving on Kancamagus Scenic Byway will not miss it.