Spectacular Spring in Longwood Garden
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紅色的花 迷漫著濃郁的浪漫風韻,撩撥著人的心弦,引人無限的神往和遐思。

Breathtaking beauty!

We toured the Longwood Gardens at 1001 Longwood Rd, Kennett Square, PA 19348 in the Spring season
on April 30, 2016.

The flowers blooming here in the spring season are spectacular! They herald in the start of spring every
The red powder puff flower of scarlet Powder puff tree.

Many visitors enjoying the dazzling displays for spring flowers in Longwood Gardens. These flowers emit very
pleasing scents, they're where honey comes from! Thanks to their lovely scent. Beautiful pictures anywhere
you look.
味。 處處綻放著蒼翠的綠意和繽紛的色彩,真有說不盡的舒暢快意。

Gorgeous location and amazing gardens that constantly change with the seasons.

Explode with flowers in an amazing array of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures.
清新淡雅脫俗, 展露出獨特的魅力,風情萬種。

Breathe the fresh air and appreciate the tranquility.

It is a feast for the eyes!
Iceland Poppy

The rare and colorful flowers, along with birds chirping and the cool breeze make walking here a surreal
姿綽約、楚楚動人, 走在花園大道,不禁讓人有微醉的感覺,飄飄然很是愜意。

Gorgeous Flower Garden Walk for visitors to enjoy extraordinary magnificence, beauty, and
inspiration. There is no better time than right now to be happy.
噴泉水池,翠綠的青草, 此情此景,繽紛旖旎, 觸動著人們的浪漫情懷,引人心馳神往,

The majestic Italian Water Garden.

I took a movie clip of the fantastic display of the water fountain show of the Italian Water Garden at the
following YouTube website:


Please enjoy the fountain show.

Walkway in the gardens under the blooming showy purple Princess Trees (also known as  royal paulownia or
empress tree). This deciduous tree native to China, produces large, fragrant, panicles of lavender flowers in
the spring.
婀娜多姿,璀璨花色令人陶醉, 夢幻浪漫的美景令人難以忘懷。

Zoom in on the purple flowers of the Princess Trees. It is amazing to walk through this area when these
Princess trees are in bloom.
Lush evergreen carpet of Creeping Philox studded with charming purple flowers in spring. They creep around
the gardens under the trees and look so beautiful. The carpet of purple flowers in spring is amazing!
The unusual and showy blooms of red flower of Torch Ginger Lily.
Gorgeous Clivia with bold strap-shaped, dark-green leaves and trumpet-shaped yellow flowers borne in
groups on stout stems.
Creeping Philox with white flowers.
Stunning hanging baskets of beautiful flowers. The aroma of flowers was prevalent in the air.
Asiatic Lilies add a hint of tropical warmth to the spring garden.
The Piedmont Azalea puts on a spectacular spring show with fragrant, pinkish white blossoms.
鬱金香春色滿園,競相怒放, 絢麗多姿,置身在花海中,美不勝收,渾可忘世,真是一

Breathtaking beauty, so abundant and so delightful! The garden are amazing as a sea of color.

In the spring season, the gardens erupt with striking and colorful blossoms.  The wonderful aroma from the
intensely fragrant flowers permeating the air. They're beautiful and heavenly smelling.
These gardens collect the strangest and prettiest flowers from around the world.

Lush greenery surrounds the parking lots to welcome the visitors. This is the most amazing place to visit if you
like flowers.
Hanging clusters of beautiful and exotic pink flowers.

Explosion of colors! Mind blowingly beautiful! A lovely place to walk and to enjoy a huge range of

Wow! Fabulous place. Forget the shops, look at nature at its best instead.
Ideal place to sit and contemplate.
If you love taking walks through the forest --
綠菌菌的草地, 翠綠的樹木, 飄然俊逸, 映入眼簾的一片綠意, 一切是如此的和諧可愛, 構
成一幅美麗的畫卷,是人們回歸大自然勝地, 感受著春風的撫慰,漫步其中小徑,閑靜中

A pathway surrounded by lush greenery。
There is tremendous color diversity in the gardens. Most are sweetly fragrant.
一大片黃色的花海, 目睹這繽紛美麗的花海,心底流淌的欣喜,是不言而喻的。

Absolutely delightful, awesome gardens. Pretty place to relax and to take photos.
It's a great spot for a romantic walk and a meditative time.
處處充滿驚奇, 吸引無數遊人為之駐足。

It is a sea of warm color, flush with the reds, whites, yellows, and pinks
 of many blooming flowers.

Immerse yourself in an effusion of tens of thousands of blooming flowers!
It is magical.
Mysterious and seductive.
Orchids are endlessly fascinating.
Insanely provocative.

A cloud of blossoming flowers! The gorgeous display garden, resplendent with every color bloom imaginable.
Amazing!, So many colors.
Longwood Gardens is located at  1001 Longwood Rd, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania 19348

My two previous visits of Longwood Gardens were in the summer season and autumn season and are
described in my web page at:

大片怒放的花朵,色彩鮮艷亮麗,讓人目不暇接, 放慢腳步盡情享受。