Test Photos of a Compact Super-Zoom
Camera - Canon PowerShot SX30 IS
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A view of the Longstreet Farm in Holmdel Park without zoom.

I just received my new compact super-zoom camera, Canon PowerShot SX30 IS, with 35X optical zoom
yesterday on December 1, 2010. It is a sunny day today, so I came to Holmdel Park in New Jersey to test the
35X optical zoom of this new camera. The focal length (35 mm film equivalent) of this new camera ranges from
24 mm all the way to 840 mm.
Closer view of more waterfowl at the far end of the pond.
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Standing at the same spot, I zoomed in to get a closer view of two cows in the Longstreet Farm. They appear
as two tiny dots in the first picture above.
Standing at the same spot, I zoomed in even more to get a close up view of one of the two cows in Longstreet
Farm. In the first picture above, the two cows appear as two tiny dots. I am very happy with the 35X optical
zoom of this camera to get such nice close up view of the cow so far away.
A view of the Holmdel Park without any zoom. Notice the children play ground far away between the two trees.
Standing at the same spot, I zoomed in to get a closer view of the far away children play ground.
A view of the pond in Holmdel Park without any zoom. There are some waterfowl in the far end of the pond.
Standing at the same spot, I zoomed in to get a closer view of three mallards at the far end of the pond.
Thanks to the 35X optical zoom of this camera, I can get such close view of more waterfowl at the far end of
the pond.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Holmdel Park
I am quite happy with this compact super-zoom camera with 35X optical zoom. It will be very useful for my
wildlife photography in my sightseeing and wildlife viewing trips. This new camera costs me only US$320
after promotional discount.

The size and the weight of this new camera, Canon PowerShot SX30 IS, are about the same as those of my
old camera, Canon PowerShot SX10 IS. A picture of PowerShot SX10 IS in my hand can be seen on my
web page at:


Another picture of me with my PowerShot SX10 IS can be seen on my Alaska Cruise at:


These two picture show that these super-zoom cameras are quite compact and are easy to carry in
sightseeing trips for wildlife watching and photography.

However, a serious challenge in using super-zoom camera is that the super-zoom (of 20X or more of optical
zoom) not only greatly amplifies a subject far away, but also greatly amplifies any tiny camera shake
resulting in blurred pictures even with the help of the built-in Image Stabilizer. My solution for this severe
challenge is to use a good monopod to help me to stabilize the camera to get sharp pictures. More details of
using a monopod with super-zoom camera are described in my web page listed above.
A member in our Yahoo E-Mail Group on Canon S Series Cameras asked me to test the Macro capability of
this new super-zoom camera. The close up picture above of the azalea leaves was taken by turning on the
Macro Mode and having the camera lens vary close to the azalea leaves, almost touching the leaves.

However, the super-zoom camera enables the users to use another method to take close up picture by
standing about 5 to 10 feet away from the subject (i.e., azalea leaves) and zoom in to take the close up
picture as shown in the next picture below.
These two pictures show that both methods can get the nice close up picture of the subject.

The difference is that the Macro Mode in the first picture has greater depth of field such that the background
is more visible whereas the super-zoom method as shown in the second picture has shallow depth of field to
blur out the background clutters to focus the attention of the viewers on the main subject of interest.
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