Autumn Colors in New Jersey - Part 2
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The secluded, blissfully lonely and serene Ravine Lake with breathtaking palette of spectacular color and
reflections, a photographer's dream. It is between Peapack and Far Hills (near Bedminster) in Somerset
County in New Jersey, USA
Contrasting views of gorgeous autumn colors and Great Meadow in Natirar Park in Peapack (near
Bedminster), New Jersey

Spectacle of bright red leaves in Buck Garden which is a woodland garden composed of many individual rock
gardens. It is sculpted from an ancient glacial stream valley.
Ravine Lake Dam at the southern end of Ravine Lake with a beautiful waterfall which flows over the dam. This
massive stone dam was built in 1898-1899 time frame commissioned by the banker/railroad magnate/stock
exchange tycoon Clinton Ledyard Blair. The approximately 250-ft long and 35-ft high dam on the North Branch
Raritan River forms the Ravine Lake.
Lake Road along east shore of Ravine Lake. It is a two-way road, but it is so narrow that two cars can barely
squeeze by each other.
Nature's gorgeous color displays in Buck Garden
More flower in Buck Garden
Another trail in Buck Garden
Location of Buck Garden: 11 Layton Road, Far Hills, New Jersey 07931, USA, Phone:  908 234-2677. This
garden is next to (and on north side of) Route 287 in Far Hills.
Website at: http:/

Direction to Buck Garden:

From Route 287 North and South bound:
1. Follow Route 287 North to Exit #22B or follow Route 287 South to Exit #22. Both exits are marked Routes
202/206 North for Bedminster/Netcong.
2. Take Route 202/206 North and after about 1 mile, Routes 202 & 206 will split. At the fork, bear right to stay
on Route 202 North toward Far Hills/ Morristown.
3. Bear right again at the next light. You are still on Route 202 but it has briefly merged with Lamington Road
East (Route 523 East).
4. Follow Route 202 to railroad tracks, and just before the railroad tracks, turn right onto Liberty Corner Road
(Route 512 East).
5. Travel southeast on Liberty Corner Road for one mile and turn right onto Layton Road. The Buck Garden
entrance is on your left.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Buck Garden

Location of Natirar Park: 2 Main Street (Peapack Road), Peapack and Gladstone, New Jersey, 07977
Website at: http://

Direction to Natirar Park:
From Route 287 North and South bond:
1. Follow Route 287 North to Exit #22B or Route 287 South to Exit #22. Both exits are marked Routes 202/206
North for Bedminster/Netcong.
2. Take Route 202/206 North and after about 1 mile, Routes 202 & 206 will split. At the fork, bear right to stay
on Route 202 North.
3. Take Route 202 to the first light make a right. Continue on Route 202.
4. At the next light, make a left onto Peapack Road. Take Peapack Road (which is Main Street) to the main
entrance on the right.

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing the Location and Entrance of Natirar Park

Location of Ravine Lake: It is about one mile east of the town of Peapack, about half mile northeast of
Natirar Park, and about one and half miles northeast of Bedminster in Somerset County in New Jersey. It is
along Lake Road between the Junction of Willow Avenue, Campbell Road and Lake Road in the north end of
the lake and the Junction of Lake Road and Hidden Valley Road in the south end of the lake.

Direction to Ravine Lake:

1. From the town of Peapack, go northeast on Willow Avenue for about one and half mile to reach the Junction
of Willow Avenue, Campbell Road and Lake Road.
2. From this Junction, go south on Lake Road for about half mile to reach Ravine Lake

Map: Click here to see Google Map showing location of Ravine Lake
金黃 秋之韻

Spectacular autumn golden leaves of lust forest in Buck Garden in Far Hills near Bedminster in New Jersey.
The tranquil Water Lily Pond in Buck Garden showcasing a beautiful spectrum of autumn color and reflections.

A hiking trail and wonderful autumn foliage in Buck Garden.
Another view of Ravine Lake
Some berries in Buck Garden
Red flower near Lily Pond in Buck Garden
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Every autumn, nature puts on a brilliant show of colors in New Jersey. From bright yellows to vibrant reds, the
leaves transform, showing their rich and vibrant hues. It is a wonderful time to go outdoor hiking to enjoy
nature's splendor. On Sunday, October 24, 2010, we toured Ravine Lake, Buck Garden and Natirar Park near
Bedminster in Somerset County in New Jersey to enjoy the spectacular colors of autumn leaves. We
deliberately picked these three places that we had never visited previously so that we could explore new and
unfamiliar territories.
Flower near the Lily Pond in Buck Garden
Another view of Ravine Lake, a leaf-peeping destination
Flowers in Buck Garden
Two more views from Natirar Park
Brilliant hues of yellow and gold in Buck Garden
Buck Garden
Contrasting view of the foliage along Ravine Lake
Flower in Buck Garden
A closer view of the Water Lily Pond awash in autumn colors in Buck Garden
Buck Garden
Buck Garden 秋正濃
Buck Garden
Buck Garden is one of the premier rock gardens in the United States. It features native and exotic plants
displayed in a naturalistic setting of woodland, streams, and rock outcroppings. A wooded, rocky ravine is
home to numerous wildflowers interspersed among flowering trees and shrubs. We will come again in the
Spring season when many kinds of beautiful flowers are blooming in Buck Garden.
Scenic corridor of North Branch Raritan River through wooded area with autumn colors in Natirar Park.
Natirar is the word "Raritan" spelled backward.
Another view in Natirar Park with people at the far end fishing on the North Branch Raritan River.
A picture of me (Sing Lin) in Buck Garden - This photo by May Lee
An arched wooden bridge over the Water Lily Pond in Buck Garden.

We thank our friend couple, Engmu Shih and Nancy Lan-Yu Ting Shih, for pointing out that this view reminds
people of the famous painting of Monet Bridge over Water Lily Pond at Giverny by the greatest French
impressionist landscape painter, Claude Monet, 1897 as shown on the following website:

讀萬卷書    行萬里路

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每當深秋時節,湖畔森林換上 紅色,黃色和金色 的外衣,絢麗多
彩,倒映在平靜的湖面, 意境非凡,散步湖邊, 身置其中,如入夢

Gorgeous autumn foliage on Davidson's Mill Pond as viewed from the small parking lot near Davidson's Mill
pond Dam off Riva Ave in South Brunswick, New Jersey
. The following map shows the location of the Dam:

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Davidsons Millpond Dam

Another view from near the Park Entrance of gorgeous autumn foliage on Davidson's Mill pond.
Beautiful autumn foliage on Lawrence Brook as viewed from the Bridge of Church Ln near the junction of
Church Ln and Reva Ave in East Brunswick, New Jersey

Map: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Church Ln Bridge
漫步林間, 享受色彩繽紛的秋天的美景。

Forest in Buck Garden.
金秋時節,美麗色彩和光影, 美不勝收。

Davidsons Mill Pond County Park in South Brunswick, New Jersey.

Red leaves in Buck Garden
A view in Natirar Park.
The giant Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) in Buck Garden This mature, dawn redwood
growing behind the Visitors Center in Buck Garden in New Jersey stands over 100 feet tall with a trunk girth
over 12 feet. The Dawn Redwood is one of three species of redwood including Coastal Redwood of
California, Giant Sequoia of California and Dawn Redwood.

The Dawn Redwood (
水杉) trees were thought to be extinct for millions of years until 1941 when a grove of
these trees was discovered growing in remote parts of China. When it was discovered extant, it was
heralded as a "living fossil". In 1947 the Arnold Arboretum sponsored an expedition to China to collect seed
from this thought-to-be-extinct, prehistoric, tree. The dawn redwoods growing in Buck Garden are a result of
that seed expedition. Through years of sharing seed and propagating with other arboreta the dawn redwood
returned to North America and became available in the nursery trade.

國著名植物分類學家胡先驌 和 樹木學家鄭萬鈞共同研究,才證實它就是億萬年前在地球大陸生存過的水
杉,從此,植物分類學中就單獨添進了一個水杉屬、水杉種. 自從在中國發現仍然生存的水杉以後,曾引
Two more views of the giant Dawn
Redwood in Buck Garden.
More views in Buck Garden.
The same place in the summer (June 9, 2013).
There are couple bird feeders hanging behind the visitor center of Buck Garden. It was nice to watch some
birds eating bird seeds on these feeders.
In Buck Garden