Hundreds of Manatees in Beautiful Blue Spring
in Florida
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We came to Blue Spring State Park on a cold day in January 2014 mainly to enjoy watching hundreds of
manatees (also known as sea cows) in crystal clear water of beautiful Blue Spring Run. It is located at 2100
West French Avenue, Orange City, Florida 32763.

Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Blue Spring State Park

Map: Click here for detailed park map
Blue Spring State Park is the winter home to hundreds of manatees. When the weather and the water are
warm, most manatees go into and spread out in the St. Johns River to feed. But on cold days when the water
in St. Johns River is too cold for manatees, hundreds of manatees come to Blue Spring Run because
temperatures in the Blue Spring run remain at constant 72 degrees year round, creating a warm safe haven for
the Manatees in cold winter. Manatees cannot survive below 15°C (60°F).
Two views of the beautiful Blue Spring run with crystal clear water and as the winter home for hundreds of
manatees. As usual, most trees in Florida have long Spanish moss hanging down.
The crystal clear water makes it easy for visitors to watch these gentle giants drift by in Blue Spring run.

In 1971, “The Forgotten Mermaids” episode of the Underwater World of Jacques Cousteau was filmed here.
Visitors stroll along the one-third mile boardwalk that parallels the length of Blue Spring Run to the St.
Johns River.
A baby manatee near its mother
A manatee is biting on something on the shore.
This short, easy boardwalk trail offers plenty of viewing platforms for you to stand and stare at the mystically
beautiful movement of these massive mammals through crystalline waters.
Many manatees in Blue Spring run.
A baby manatee is sucking milk from the mother manatee.
In addition to manatees, there are also many big fish in the Blue Spring run.
Some medium size fish.
Many medium size fish in Blue Spring run.
Many small fish in Blue Spring run.
Couple manatees came directly under the observation platform such that visitors get real close up views of the
manatees in action. What a treat!
From time to time, a manatee will come up to the surface for air.
Many cormorants on the Blue Spring run.
We enjoyed very much strolling along the boardwalk leisurely and watching the crystal clear water, hundreds
of gentle manatees, tons of fish of all size, some birds and many trees with long hanging Spanish moss
swinging gently in the wind. This is such a pretty park! So beautiful, a once in a lifetime experience.
Its tail is paddle shaped.
I took a movie clip of this manatee in action at the following YouTube website:

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