Many Interesting Ducks and Birds on and near
Duck Lake in Houston Zoological Gardens
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In our winter birding tour in Texas, we came on February 2, 2015 to see many different kinds of and
interesting ducks, geese and birds in action on and near the Duck Lake in Houston Zoological Gardens,
located at 6200 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, Texas 77030, Phone:(713) 533-6500.

Map 1: Click here for interactive Google Map showing location of Houston Zoological Gardens

The Duck Lake is adjacent to Cypress Circle Cafe as shown in the following Map of Houston Zoo

There are large number of lovely black-bellied whistling ducks very active in this area; some are on the lake,
many are on the shore, some are flying in the air and some are landing.
One of the male hooded mergansers on the lake.
One of the male hooded mergansers on the shore.
A pair of Egyptian geese with two babies.
May be red-breasted goose with flamingos near the lake.
There are many beautiful flamingos here.
Beautiful Flamingo.
A wood stork, several snowy egrets and ducks.
The wood stork, a great egret and several snowy egrets plus ducks.
Another great egret is flying in the air high above the tall trees.
One of the female hooded mergansers.
A canvasback on the lake.
A northern shoveler on the lake.
One of many more snowy egrets high up on the trees near the lake.
A brown pelican on the lake.
Many pigeons flying over and near the lake.
We were eating some snacks on the outdoor chairs around one of the outdoor green tables of Cypress Circle
Cafe near the Duck Lake. This male great-tailed grackle came on our green table waiting to get some food
crumbs. Some other birds also came very close to wait for food crumbs. It seems that most birds, geese and
ducks on and near the Duck Lake area are quite comfortable to be very close to many people and are easy for
people to take their pictures.
It is a very enjoyable experience for bird watchers to see so many different kinds of and interesting ducks,
geese and birds in action on or near the Duck Lake here in Houston Zoological Gardens. Some of them I still
do not know the name yet.

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In addition to this open Duck Lake area, the Houston Zoological Gardens also have many exotic birds flying
freely through aviary rain forest in a “tropical bird house" resembling Asian jungle or in large bird cages.

For example, I took the following picture to show very colorful and beautiful Mandarin Duck (
) in Houston Zoological Gardens.


雙飛水滿塘,菰蒲深處浴鴛鴦”,以及“得成比目何辭死,只羨鴛鴦不羨仙”, “鳥語花香

May be bar-headed goose.
Hooded merganser and may be bar-headed goose.
May be Barnacle goose.
May be red-breasted geese with flamingos
One of the female great-tailed grackles also came very close to us.
Black-bellied whistling ducks with brilliant pink-orange bills and legs.

The whistling sound of these whistling ducks can be heard by pressing a button on the following website:

Whistling Sound: Click here, then click on a button on the opened website to hear the whistling sound
Several black-bellied whistling ducks flew over from the other side of the lake and are landing.
How I use information age technologies to enhance my enjoyment greatly of sightseeing large driving tour loop
of thousands of miles and of one to two weeks in duration covering many Points of Interest is described on
my web page at: