Winter Birding in Princeton
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On the cold and cloudy day of December 11, 2010, we went to Millstone Aqueduct in Princeton/Plainsboro,
New Jersey, USA of the Delaware & Raritan (D&R) Canal State Park for bird watching. The D&R Canal is in
parallel with the large body of water of Lake Carnegie  in Princeton. We saw this great blue heron and mallard
on the icy cold water.
Three of many colorful mallards in the park.
Another great blue heron in flight over the icy surface.
That great blue heron was flying toward the tree.
The towpath along the D&R Canal provides very nice hiking trail for bird watching and hiking. In warmer
seasons, this hiking trail is very beautiful as shown near the end of my web page at:


The "D&R" Canal State Park is a continuous 35-mile greenway that extends from Trenton to New Brunswick in
New Jersey. Bicyclists and pedestrians can travel from Port Mercer to New Brunswick along the canal
towpath, and canoes can navigate the entire length of the park with a minimum of portages. The Princeton
segment is about 6 miles long.

Carnegie Lake is a prominent and attractive feature of this Princeton segment of the D & R Canal State Park.
Owned by Princeton University, Carnegie Lake was built in 1906 with funds donated by steel industrialist and
philanthropist Andrew Carnegie to provide a rowing course for Princeton University rowing and water sport
teams. It was created by the construction of a 650-feet long dam at Kingston that impounded the confluence of
Stony Brook and the Millstone River. The lake is three and half mile long between Princeton and Kingston and
from 500 to 1,000 feet wide. Princeton University allows public access of Lake Carnegie for fishing, ice skating,
and lakeside enjoyment from the D&R Canal towpath. The towpath, which includes the Millstone Aqueduct and
Footbridge, runs along eastern shore of Carnegie Lake, and visitors can walk, run, or bike the length of it.
Three more views of the adult great blue heron with long shaggy feather on the neck.
Many more mallards standing at the edge of the ice sheet on the lake, one is in the water on the left side.
That great blue heron was landing on a tree branch.
Many red berries along the D&R Canal and along the lake shore of Lake Carnegie .  
Shortly after turning right from U.S. Route 1 (Southbound) into Mapleton Road in Princeton/Plainsboro, one
sees this sign of road junction. Continue on Mapleton Road for about 0.3 miles to reach the sign, the parking lot
and the Trail Head of Millstone Aqueduct - D&R Canal State Park.

This is where the Millstone River meets Carnegie Lake and D&R Canal. It is called Millstone Aqueduct after the
aqueduct that allowed the Millstone River to flow under the D&R Canal. The D&R Canal and Millstone River are
flowing at 90 degree crossing eacher, but at different heights. There are three footbridges here for visitors to
cross over the canal and over the Millstone River.

More information and map for Millstone Aqueduct and D&R Canal State Park are available at the following

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Zoom in for a closer view of the head of one of several great blue herons that we saw in this park. I was using
my new compact super-zoom camera, Canon PowerShot SX30 IS, with 35X optical zoom.
The colorful male mallard was walking on the ice. It had been quite cold in last few days such that most of the
water surfaces in this park were frozen. But there were still some open water surfaces.
Many Canada geese, some were in the water while others were standing on the ice.
More Canada geese standing on the ice. Behind the tree line at the far end of the Millstone River/Lake is the
Lower Harrison Street intersecting U.S. Route 1 in Princeton/Plainsboro.
Front view of the great blue heron standing on the ice.
The sign of Millstone Aqueduct - Delaware and Raritan (D & R) Canal State Park near the small parking lot
and the trail head for touring the D&R Canal and Lake Carnegie.

Address: 775 Mapleton Road, Princeton, New Jersey 08540

Direction to this park in Princeton in New Jersey, USA:
1.        Take U.S. Route 1 south toward  Princeton
2.        Turn right into Mapleton Road (Hwy 614) in Princeton/Plainsboro (Courtyard by Marriott Princeton is
at this corner. Across U.S. Route 1, Mapleton Road becomes Plainsboro Road on the northbound side of
Route 1 )
3.        Drive on Mapleton Road for about 0.3 miles curving to right to reach the small Parking Lot of the Park
Some of the attractions in and near Princeton in New Jersey, USA are:

1. Lotus Pond in Carnegie Center as shown on my web page at:


2. Prospect Gardens and Art Museum on Princeton University Campus as shown on the web page listed

3. Kayaking on D&R Canal in Princeton as shown on the web page listed above. Princeton Canoe & Kayak
Rental is at 483 Alexander Street, Princeton, New Jersey at the junction of Alexander Street & Canal Road.

4. Mill Pond Park in Plainsboro near Princeton as shown on my web page at:


5. Plainsboro Preserve at 80 Scotts Corner Road in Plainsboro Township/Cranbury (near Princeton), New
Jersey 08536, Phone: (609) 897-9400

6. Millstone Aqueduct - D&R Canal State Park as described on this web page.

7. Shanghai Park Restaurant (大千美食林) in Princeton Shopping Center at 301 North Harrison St., Princeton
NJ 08540 (Phone: 609-924-8001) to enjoy delicious Chinese foods after touring the attractions in Princeton
More test photos from my new compact super-zoom camera, Canon PowerShot SX30 IS, with 35X optical
zoom are on my web page at:

I visited this location again in the summer season on July 17, 2011 to take pictures of the River-Over-River in
Princeton. This picture shows the D&R canal in an aqueduct which is above the Millstone River which is flowing
under this aqueduct and into the Lake Carnegie on the far side of this picture.
This picture shows some people in a canoe in D&R Canal and the footbridge across the D&R Canal. On the
right edge of this picture is another footbridge in parallel with D&R Canal across the Millstone River.
This picture shows the two footbridges on both sides of the aqueduct/canal. The Millstone River flows
underneath this aqueduct and the two footbridge into the Lake Carnegie which is on the left side of this picture.
The parking lot with toilet facility at Millstone Aqueduct D&R Canal State Park.
A list of several good locations for bird watching and bird photography in winter season in or near New Jersey
is on my web page at:

On April 1, 2012, after visiting the Evergreen Orchard Farm, we came to Millstone Aqueduct in Princeton again.
These two pictures taken on April 1, 2012 show more clearly the River-Over-River in Princeton where D&R
Canal on the Aqueduct is higher than the Millstone River beneath. Millstone River is flowing under this aqueduct
and into the Lake Carnegie.
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On the sunny afternoon of January 20, 2013, we visited Millstone Aqueduct area again and saw a pair of
beautiful swans in addition to a heron, some gulls and many Canada geese.
One of several seagulls flying over the Millstone Aqueduct area on the sunny afternoon of January 20, 2013.
One of several groups of Canada geese flying above the Millstone Aqueduct area on the sunny afternoon of
January 20, 2013.
Many Canada geese on the pond in the property of Dow Jones & Co. on the north bound side of Highway 1
about 3 miles north of the Millstone Aqueduct area on the sunny afternoon of January 20, 2013.
Zoom in for closer look of many Canada geese on the pond in the property of Dow Jones & Co. along Highway
1 near the sunset time.